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CPN alternatives

Postby scarredmum » Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:45 pm

Where do I start just told my 3rd CPN I no longer wish to see her. The final straw happened after asking for things to be broken down so I could manage and proces info more easily (I'mmidly dislexsick). I was told it wasn't her job. I asked for strategies something asked for 2 years again told not her job. despit she stated it on my care plan which has been dilapidated over last 2 years. I have felt really down after appointment that is if they aren't changed cancelled at last minute cause of training or departmental emeragencies. I ring for support made to feel selfish unresnable worthless like I'm wasting time or they seem angry and frustrated at me Can anyone tell me if they are any face to face services or phone services that are voluntary outside nhs in Scotland that offer support for PTSD and PND. many thanks

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