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Pain Meds and mental health, anxiety and depression

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Pain Meds and mental health, anxiety and depression

Postby capitalt » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:32 am

I'd been on pain meds, cocodamol and pregabalin for a number of years following a back problem.
Despite some discomfort everything seemed fine, life was good, fun, fun, filling, etc little or nothing seemed to bother me.
However, a few years back I reduced and stopped those meds as things seemed so good, happy and coping with everything.
I was then diagnosed with a seriouS illness, which again I seemed to cope with, but at the end of treatment I fell apart totally, realising how bad I'd let my life become.
I've since found out some of the side effects and withdrawal symptoms of those drugs, BOTH can affect your mood !!
I'd a2arewarelso been on sertr a line, which I'd reduced and stopped !!
I'm not sure how many people are made aware ware of those effects unless we consult the information within the packs, I sure wasn't told anything by the doctors !!
I blame myself for not consulting with my GP before reducing and stopping.
I'm wondering what other drugs affect our mental health, whether they're widely known, and advised to patients !!

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