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Girlfriend Pushes me away- Help needed

If you're concerned about, or care for, someone with mental illness
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Girlfriend Pushes me away- Help needed

Postby jim23 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:17 am

I have been with my girlfriend for over a year. She is loving and wonderful most of the time but suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety. Every few months she seems to go through a cycle where she then says mean things to me, threatens to dump me and pushes me away. It is my first experience of this and I am trying my best to be supportive but it is really starting to take its toll on me. I recently let her move in to my house but she is now saying she wants to move out as its too hard for her and its now not what she wants She is blaming me for her depression and bringing up small arguments we had a long time ago. She also went to the doctors and requested more medication yesterday but today is saying she isn't going to take the higher dose. I love her but dont really know how to respond for the best. If I try to convince her to stay from experience it will push her further away, if I just let her do as she wishes she will say I don't care. I feel I am in a no win situation. Does anyone have any advice? I am at my wits end

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Re: Girlfriend Pushes me away- Help needed

Postby capitalt » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:53 am

Perhaps bear in mind her monthly hormonal changes, maybe we could advise more if we knew how old you are.
In difficult times it helps to remain calm, ask if there's anything you can do to help.
Has she had counselling or therapy ?
Maybe they could help.
Good luck.

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Re: Girlfriend Pushes me away- Help needed

Postby rsxo » Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:19 am

Hi jim23,

Sorry to hear about your situation. It can be really tough when you're with someone with mental health issues, so thank you for staying for so long. With depression, you can get periods of higher irritability and anger, which would explain the changes in mood.

However, it does concern me that this is taking its toll on you. Of course, each relationship has it's tough times, so this may be a case of weathering the storm and supporting her at your expense. I also think that your approach needs to be caring but firm - let her know that you're saying this because you care for her and want the best for her. However, if you feel that a relationship is taking too much out of you, then there's always the option to leave - don't feel you have to stay if misery and pain is all you're feeling in this relationshipx

Much love <3
RSxo <3

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