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Ex-partner refusing to engage

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Ex-partner refusing to engage

Postby amica » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:05 pm

Hi all,

My ex-partner broke up with me two months ago and it's been a bit of a bizarre, emotional rollercoaster. He has paranoid schizophrenia and has been prone to depression, which I was suspecting in the run-up to the break-up, but never actually thought it would lead to a break-up. Also worth mentioning he's in the USA.

Anyway, since the break-up I have tried to speak to him about access and child support, making it clear that while I understand we're not a couple anymore, we're still accountable for our unborn child. The conversations I had were unexpected - mainly because he was saying he couldn't afford access or child support, saying that he would honour his obligations appropriately, and for me not to ask what he wanted right now. He then proceeded to block me after several attempts to message him. I've been in hospital twice with the baby and he has only engaged once. My number, I believe, has been blocked so he won't be getting my messages anymore. His family won't engage with me now either. I was chatting to a mutual friend today, who he deleted from social media after one mention of the baby, and he said to her that he "deleted her because his ex is getting everyone under the sun to harass him." I have approached five people tops - his mother, his sister, his close female friend, his best friend male, and my close male friend. Anyone else has reached out to him because of their concern about his behaviour.

However, my question is about whether this is typical behaviour of a paranoid schizophrenic. I've read that with depression, and I know it myself, you can isolate yourself from people, but I'm wondering if his attitude towards me and the baby is typical? Also, it does feel like he might be protraying me as a villain, which is absolutely not the case. I simply want to do right by him and my son.

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