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How to deal as a partner with mental illness....

If you're concerned about, or care for, someone with mental illness
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How to deal as a partner with mental illness....

Postby katie22 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:29 pm

Hi, I'm new to this and was just hoping to get some advice?

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years now and things were going great, we got on really well, had a lot of fun times going on holiday and doing things together. However about 12 months ago my boyfriend started to obsess with certain things, getting annoyed about the traffic on the roads which means he won't drive anywhere, constantly picking up litter (not a problem as its good to save the environment) but taking it to the extreme where we would go for a walk around the block and he would end up with his arms full of litter and not just enjoying the walk, he became obsessed with money and saying we shouldn't go anywhere or book anymore holidays as we need to save for our retirement (which is years away!).

He's become very distant and doesn't want to go out for a drink, or to social events, and doesn't do much at home apart from go on his laptop. He's also become obsessed with watching his dash cam footage back for hours just to see if anything happened on the road that may have affected him.

I don't think his job helps as he just works with his boss and they don't talk to each other, so I think he feels very lonely, his boss is also not very nice to him and keeps threatening to sack him and getting angry with him.

We are both 24 and we bought our first house 6 months ago and he's become really distant and doesn't help around the house with cleaning, cooking etc. He doesn't want to help decorate and make it look nice. He gets angry and starts an argument over the smallest thing, and then calls his parents and says I'm the cause of all this and I am the one who starts the arguments.

He has got angry with his own parents when they try to help and he's even got angry and said some horrible things to my parents.

He has been to see a doctor (after much persuasion) and they have told him to call a self referral number and have a chat with a therapist... however he is now saying he's not going to do that because there is nothing wrong with him.

Any advice would be great... I don't know if I should stick around and hope he comes through it, but he won't help himself... or just to call it a day and end the relationship and sell the house?

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