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Memory and Trauma Question

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Memory and Trauma Question

Postby arc » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:40 am


so, I'm new and I have a question. I've had a fair deal of trauma in my life, but I think I've coped quite well. Last year I had a depressive episode, and my memory got very bad. I forgot weeks at a time, and honestly couldn't tell you if I had eaten, or seen a friend, or done any work. I've managed to crawl out the pit quite successfully, but now I'm taking better note of my memory.

Although it has vastly improved on many accounts (I can now recall what I've done the past week almost idellically) theres still a few flaws, where sometimes I'll be in the middle of a conversation, or day, and blank. I think that will hopefully get better, but the thing thats really concerning me is my older memories.

If I think back to the traumatic episodes, I've noticed they feel like a dream. In fact, if I didn't have people around me to confirm they'd happened, I would be highly tempted to say they hadn't happened, and they were a figment of my imagination. They just dont feel real, they feel like a fake memory, mainly because there is so little memory there.

I used to think about the traumas a lot, so they were a reinforced memory. Is this something I've effectively lost? My boyfriend suggested I write down whats happened to me, so I dont forget permenantly. Does this actually sound like a good idea? Could I lose these memories permenantly?

I know they didn't make me happy, but they made me who I am. I don't really want to forget those years of my life.

Any help is highly appreciated!

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Re: Memory and Trauma Question

Postby maisi » Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:31 pm

Hi arc, I'm new too and I'm also wondering about memory and trauma, but in a slightly different way to you. Up till recently I've coped best by not remembering traumatic events, and just doing what I need to do in the here and now. But by not wanting to remember that period in my life, I think that's why I ended up with day to day memory problems that worried me and caused difficulties- like wanting to forget some stuff made it hard for my memory to function in other ways too.

But I agree, it's not great to lose parts of your life whatever they were like, so I think maybe you're right, write them down if you feel like you might lose chunks of your history otherwise, and if you can cope with the memories.

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Re: Memory and Trauma Question

Postby andthistoomustpass » Sat Jul 21, 2018 3:33 am


It sounds like your mind is trying to bury what is too stressful. Nothing to worry about, I have experienced the same. If you want to keep these memories then writing them down seems like a good idea. If there are specific traumatic memories that you want to work through then I am told that EMDR is a good therapy for that.

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