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Help Please

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Help Please

Postby insanityprofound » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:07 pm

Hi there,
Well i am new to the forum But 40 years of having mental health issue and only in last 3 years trying to sort.
What i am having is same issue everyday. I am left on own as not working due to my state. Everyday i am on verge of doing somthing and feel 1 big thing will push me over edge.
I am on meds and have been seen by docs and also lost in system. My head would rather be in the dream world what i find real. i hate been awake and whn i do hit low my body goes in to shut down and il sleep 16 hours plus.
Ive been for help and just get passed around. I am now at the point my family would be better off without me. i dont work and i feel i am just rotting away now. i have lost all my confidence and have no plans of future. Life is really bad for me.... I just want to be happy and have a job. i want to support my family. I wish i never went to the docs 3 years ago

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Re: Help Please

Postby itt » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:04 am

Hi...please don't be in despair lots of humans in the same pea green boat.
I'm a great believer in hope .
And hope is out there.
You find hope or it finds you .
I'm quite often on the edge just lately
I can't turn to the mental health professionals
All they want to do is lock me up.
I had to find different ways to navigate life and try to stay away from death.

I'm sure you can too.
But at this moment in time machine you need a bit of help.
And your asking for help in the right place.
This is a safe place.
No one will judge you.
No one will lock you away
No one will let you rot away

Kind thinks and hugs
Itt :-)

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