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Treatment - not likely

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Treatment - not likely

Postby amberametheyst » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:59 am

I am in an odd situation. I suffer from CPTSD and Severe Anxiety and I'm fortunate in that I don't need medication (at present - have used it in the past). In January of this year I suffered a severe mental health relapse which necessitated time off work and then I contacted my GP to see about getting treatment.

I had an 'assessment for service access' in April and was told I would be referred to Intensive Psychotherapy for treatment. The symptoms of my condition are too severe to general services such as IAPT.

After my referral I received a letter to tell me that as I'm prosecuting the individuals that caused my PTSD that I am being refused treatment at present.

I went back to my GP and all that has occurred now is that they have offered me an appointment to 'explain' their decision to me, as though I'm a dullard that doesn't know how to read a letter.

I find all of this incredibly infuriating and wanted to know if anyone had experienced anything similar. I feel as though because I am well (currently) and not in crisis that I fall off the radar. As I am not a risk to myself or others they think it is fine for me to just 'suffer' without support.

I do understand the reasoning that trauma focussed work is difficult to undertake and could make dealing with the ongoing prosecution even harder - but surely as the person suffering from my mental illness that is my decision to make?

Just wanted to rant. The meeting was due to be tomorrow and I've got to cancel as I have exams tomorrow and no one has confirmed that they received my message despite me calling over a week ago.



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