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Child of a parent suicide.

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Child of a parent suicide.

Postby athlestan » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:33 pm

Hi All,

Are there any members that have had a parent commit suicide?

What were/are the efects, what age were you, what were there reasons.

Anyone who has been there and turn back?

Any help will do.

Loves and hugs


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Re: Child of a parent suicide.

Postby itt » Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:13 am

Hi A
I'm truly sorry I can't say Iv been in this pea green boat myself.

But iv got a close friend who has.
She was only 12 years of age when her mother took the death option.
She was an only child.
Her father brought her up from that really sad bad mad time.
Her father was very strict.
And she rebelled a lot
Her life became a time of chaos.
She went well and truly off the rails.

But the one thing she turned to in the end were horses.
Horses are very sensitive beautiful creatures.
She was very lucky because these saved her life.
By connecting with them

She was diagnosed with bipolar when she was in her thirties.
And takes medication.
She does not mind taking medication because she feels this is her choice.
And everyone should have a choice.

I'm not sure if me telling you this will help.
Hope it does in a funny sort of way.
And remember there is always hope.

Kind thinks and hugs
Itt x

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