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please help me

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please help me

Postby danhsmile043 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:14 am

so in new to this but here goes, for the past few months i have felt myself becoming more and more angry at general stuff that shouldn't make anyone angry like someone in work was on the phone for too long and i needed to use it and i felt myself getting so worked up over not being able to use it, or the other day for example my sister called me to ask me some advice and my first thought was ffs why is she calling me,i have always had personality of happy and carefree but i have just become this really angry person and i hate it and i haven't a clue how to fix my ridiculous emotional state that im constantly in, my partner is the most amazing man in the whole world, my family adore him and all my friends love him, we are getting married next year and i feel like im on a self destruct mission and i dont even care if i was to cheat on him and i know how truly awful that sounds but i genuinely cant help it, i have all of these emotions and i feel like i could burst into tears at the drop of a hat all the time, i have started not wanting to even see my friends, i have deleted my facebook and just want to stay indoors all the time and not speak to anyone, this is just the most recent thing thats happened, i need help but i have no idea whats wrong with me.

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Re: please help me

Postby am » Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:01 am

Hi, welcome to the forum.
I joined last week so I am still new too . I’m sorry you are having a hard time , sounds like the emotions you are experiencing could be linked to depression.
Is something stressing you out ? Triggering your anger?
I know I get angry at myself when I feel down because of traumatic events in my past which I got through. I chide myself as I know I am strong and should cope !
Wanting to stay indoors sounds like what I do . “Hibernate” and it isn’t good for you , easy to say that though when your feeling out of sorts it seems like a good idea .

You need to speak to your doctor or a close friend your partner or even on here. I hope things look up for you .
Best wishes

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Re: please help me

Postby ivy » Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:00 pm


I can really relate to how you’re feeling with getting angry at these things, I have really struggled with my anger recently. For example if I smiled at someone at work and they didn’t smile back, i would just feel like the worst thing had happened to me and that this person had disrespected me so much and that maybe I don’t even deserve to be smiled at and so on. All these thoughts would rush through my mind for hours and it was hard to stop them and I’d get so hot and tense and I’d just want to explode. And literally everything would just make me angry and it could take days to calm my self back down and nothing would cheer me up. I stopped talking to my friends and family, I stopped working, I basically isolated myself from everything because I felt like everything annoyed me.

Then I had counselling from the NHS for a few weeks which really helped so maybe go and see your GP and ask where and how you can get some support with it.

But also, exercise. Punch a punching bag, run around or maybe just walk. And try and do it everyday and slowly things will stop making you feel so angry.

And make time for your self. Turn your phone off for a few hours and do what ever you want, even if that’s watching funny YouTube videos (worked for me) or anything you like.

You need to release your anger and find nice things to replace it with, and these things will give you something to focus on when you get stressed and it will help :)

Isolating your self will make you feel worse..I’ve done it and it honestly didn’t help. Once I started talking to my friends and using up all my energy at the gym I started feeling better and now when something does p me off it doesn’t effect me for a whole day, just a while instead. It’s taken a lot of work and I still have good and bad days but it’s nice to not be so angry and and miserable all the time and to be able to breathe and just feel enjoyment.

I hope that helps and I hope you feel better soon :)

I wish you all the best!

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