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Suspected Austism or personality disorder

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Suspected Austism or personality disorder

Postby dave1968 » Mon May 21, 2018 5:11 pm

Hi everyone, I'm new here and not posted before.

I'm after some possible advice, as I've suffered with depression and anxiety most of my adult life and come to the conclusion that it maybe down to an underlying personality disorder or maybe austism.

I saw on BBC television a few months back a programme on austism and can relate to quite a few traits, particularly not being great socially and with conversation. I also suffer from bouts of going into melt down when fustrated and flustered.

I have an appointment with my GP in a few weeks with a view to being referred for a formal assessment for being on the austism spectrum. I have been asked to complete a questionaire giving details of austistic traits especially through childhood.

I am struggling to think of anything obvious apart from I was quiet as a kid, struggled to engage in conversation and bullied alot at school. If it helps this is my background some of the things which have affected my during my life to cause depression and anxiety during childhood and my adult years.

Struggle to form relationships, been single pretty much most of my life and longest relationships was 18 months on and off.

In later life, past 10 years or so struggle to develope and form new friendships.

Currently I am single and in addition don't have anyone I can call a best friend.

I've had many friendships and best friends up to around the age of fourty, but most have lead to me ending the friendship for various reasons. This being a good example of black or white thinking as in I struggle when falling out with others in that I don't see many things as resolveable.

I easily get upset and flustered when interupted and in the middle of something.

Bullied as a child at school by various pupils.

Would be very quiet and found it hard to know how to engage in conversation during my high school years.

Attempted suicide a couple of times during my life, once in my twenties the other in my late thirties.

I take the breakup of relationships very badly of which there have been around 10 or so.

During my teens I spent alot of time hidden away in my bedroom battling with depression.

I would love to discover if I have some disorder or on the austic spectrum as it would help explain alot of things that have blighted my life and hope someone can give me advice or if they've suffered in a similar way.

Many thanks


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Re: Suspected Austism or personality disorder

Postby adamjonuk » Wed May 30, 2018 6:25 pm


I have only just joined - so only just read your post - 1st let me say this is the situation I am in so can relate to what you say.

I have been diagnosed with personality disorders for 3 years now ( am 45 now ) and have recently started the process of Autism diagnosis. The 1st step will be simple 10 question form by your GP - then in my area he had to apply for special funding to get a referral for full diagnostics. This is a slow process and am am yet to get the definative answer ( 9 months from GP appt)

The issue is as you hint the crossover between personality disorders and autism - there are many similar things that are making it hard to decide. I would also get a referral to the Mental Health team if I was you - they will help see if you have personality disorders and may help you feel like you can make sense of someone the issues you are having.

I am far from medically trained - but you do describe most of the symptoms and signs that I went to the Mental Health Practitioner with so they are valid and please dont ever feel alone.

Good luck and let me know if I can help or advise further as it seems I am 1 step ahead of you in the process.

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Re: Suspected Austism or personality disorder

Postby capitalt » Thu May 31, 2018 11:47 am

Rings bells with me though I've no diagnosis.
I'm now 60, failed marriage and LTR, financial nightmare, crazy ideas, now alone, have been for ages.
Good luck.

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