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Are people starting to notice?

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Are people starting to notice?

Postby whisper28 » Tue May 08, 2018 9:00 am

So this may sound strange but it is weird feeling like people are starting to notice act at work is firat problem...i work in healthcare setting anyway so people are already bit more aware but recently past week or so people at work who usually dont give me the time of day are being strangely nice and helpful and askin 'how i am' etc..i dont no if am being paranoid or just sensitive as trying so hard notbe even noice if honest. Second thing is ive deleoped a tremor for some reason it gets bit worse it stressed or made away..i dont drink alcohol by the way...anyway can cope with head atm and so used to hiding anythin about self at work but i just wondered if any way to stop (i dont norm notice but seems gettin bit worse currently

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Re: Are people starting to notice?

Postby amandasantos » Thu May 17, 2018 10:33 pm

hi whisper28

Dont stress yourself too much on why are being overly nice, its better to see people being nice to you then being mean, i can understand why it can be abit weird, but just take it easy you know ... don't let doubtful thoughts come into your mind just because they are being nice, it's ok if they are being nice as long as they are not pesting you to a point where you are becoming annoyed about it then u should speak to someone about the staff to lay back a little bit, but its always nice to know you are acknowledge and to know people are there for you if you need them, in regards to the tremor, sorry to hear that i have really bad anxiety where i shake non stop and feel like im gonna faint or something bad is going to happen such a weird feeling but after i do my breathing exercise it goes away within a minute or so, so it's just being aware that " ok im shaking , thats ok all i need to do is calm down my breathing and try to relax" if you have to pop out of work to get some fresh air go for it, remember your brain orders the body to react exactly how you're thinking, so if you think you're stress then the body will start to get shaken up a little bit its normal, but doing something to stop that , thats what its important :D just try and breath and relax, and just be friendly back to your work colleagues it will sure make u feel better.

hope you're feeling better today sweety

lots of love

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