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Is this it?? **trig**

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Is this it?? **trig**

Postby niklaus » Wed May 02, 2018 12:01 pm

I am feeling terrible at the moment. So many bad things have happened in the last 6 months and i have been holding myself together since then. I have managed not to self-harm in that time (except one time) which is huge for me. I have so many worries and have been hurt physically and mentally by a family member so many times and i haven't been able to report it this time. Money is a huge problem at the moment i can't afford to eat or anything. I have been having trouble with my benefits because of cuts. My car needs a lot of work doing on it to pass an MOT which i can't afford and my car is my only safe place. My OCD and PTDS and increased so much lately i can barely function. My thoughts keep going to the place that if want this all to the resolved and if i want everything to get better my only option is to just die. I have always been a fighter even though i've been ill for 20 years now. But now i just feel like it need it all to stop and get better. Something good needs to happen because surviving on bad things is draining. I have no one to talk to i'm completely alone. i'm overwhelmed and exhausted.

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Re: Is this it?? **trig**

Postby amandasantos » Thu May 17, 2018 10:56 pm

Hi niklaus

im sorry to hear you're not feeling so good at the moment huni, however im very proud of you for not self harming, it does not help things get any better, but you can make things better if you just take a breather... and take this moment with me right now to just try and stay calm, ok? we gonna try and solve this :) <3
in regards to your family member physically hurting you, are you hurt now? if you are can you go to the hospital or to a friends house where u can get away from him/her?

if you're not particularly hurt right now darling, when were you hurt?. you must know that there is help out there for people who are suffering domestic abuse, i know its hard i have been there myself.

help me try to help you, why have your benefits been cut down sweety? i understand having car problem is annoying but you must try to always look on the positive side of things ok, having a car problem is not that bad.. you can still grab public transport to get anywhere. so dont worry about it for now once you are sorted we can make a plan to sort it. if you feel your car is your safest place keep it parked somewhere close by that u can just get in it and get away from everything ok :D

i have OCD too, it can be frustrating too whilst living with someone and in regards to your PTDS why do you think it has increased, because of living under the same roof as your family member or is it from a previous event darling?

listen dont let any negative thought ruin your day because we can try and sort it out together, youre not alone ok? im here for you if you need someone to talk to i am here. :D i know surviving can be draining but you have to get thru this because the only way to get thru this is to go thru it, and our problems will stop us. because there is hope and you can do this. if everything in the world was easy everyone would do it.

i believe in you :) come on chin up! let me know how you're feeling and we go from there.

lots of love

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