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Please explain depression to me

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Re: Please explain depression to me

Postby Isap » Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:41 am

Hi loui

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Your ex bf does not have typical depression which lifts but bipolar which is a tough condition to live with.
That would explain his manic periods when he wanted to live in the USA with some woman he'd never met
There's not a lot you could have done.

Isap x

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Re: Please explain depression to me

Postby loui » Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:32 am

Hi, Isap,
I think you got my story mixed up with someone else's. My man, so far, has not planned to run away to USA with a woman he hasn't met, not as far as I am concerned at least.

Anyway, the guy showed up yesterday and thanks to your advise and to the advise of many others through these threads, we had a very nice, productive and healing conversation. For the first time, in a year and a half, he opened up about his depression. He explained to me what was that he felt and why he needed space and also explained how much space he needed. We also talked about the huge pain he was going through and how he has not being dealing with it properly, because it was almost unbearable to him. He acknowledged that my situation has been hard, too, and understood some of my reactions through all of this process.

I was finally able to say how much his wandering around with other women has hurt me and he was able to explain what he was feeling at the time. On one side, there was this unbearable pain that he needed to ease and, on the other, the depression felt as is someone had shaken a tree from its roots and everything in it had fallen to the floor and he needed to seize everything and rearrange it. He needed to see how he felt with his exes. I wasn't happy, but at least he took the time to explain and acknowledge the whole situation.

He also said he had talked to his psychiatrist about the side effects of Lamictal and that they agreed on changing it in a couple of months. I was able to explain my frustration with the treatment and the fact that no one had explained anything to me, so that felt good.

It's a step forward, I think. Hopefully he will not forget this conversation... we'll see.

Thank you, Isap, so much for your time. I hope you are doing alright.

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