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Scary time even i didnt think i was this bad

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Scary time even i didnt think i was this bad

Postby huggi2005 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:18 am

Hi all,
I have suffered with depression on and off for the lasrt 17 yrs,and have been on anti depressants most of that time,i really thought i was handling things well until 2 wks ago when i started hearing and seeing things that i have been told simply are not there :? i freaked my 15 yr old out so much that she called the police as i was convinced someone was in our house,i am so scared of whats happening to me i have been to see 2 different at my surgery the 1st told me to continue with my 30mg mitazipine and to take 7.5 mg zopiclone to help me sleep for 7 nights as i have been surviving on just 2-3 hrs sleep a day,this week the hallucinations got worse i was and am still convinced there are mice in the house i think i see them but my ex partner is adamant they are not here,the 2nd dr i saw prescribed 45mg of the mirtazipine and the sleeping tabs again and told me i am to go bk in 2 wks,i am still only getting 1-2 hrs sleep now,and hallucinating and hearing things and its scaring the hell out of me,i have become a nervous wreck i jump at any sounds i hear when sitting on my own at night i am convinced there are people outside my living room window when the curtains are closed and the curtains constantly look like there is someone behind them moving them,i sit with the tv muted which makes me hear even more things like,people(dont know who) talking,and music playing but the kids say we cant hear anything,i really am nearing the end of my tether i have 3 kids aged,15,11 and 3 who i am solely responsible for and i am worrying about the effect its having on them too,i almost rang the hospital last night as i feel like i am going out of my mind :cry: i dont have any support where i live as all my friends and family live 200 miles away :( i have also in the last 2 wks developed a stutter i try to talk and feel like hitting myself as i cant get the right words out,i lose track of what is being talked about and have no concentration span whatsoever.Can anyone tell me what is happening to me i am at a loss :(


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Re: Scary time even i didnt think i was this bad

Postby river » Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:23 pm


I have no medical or psychiatric knowledge so not even going to try and advise you from that point of view. But I think it's really understandable to be feeling increasingly anxious about how things are going, and I'm sure the lack of sleep is also making things hard (really understandable, too, I've definitely been there myself). It all makes for a vicious circle.

Maybe it would be worth trying to get an appointment with your GP sooner? Or calling Saneline or another helpline for someone to talk to, especially if it's hard to get support from friends and family.

I'm completely with you on the loss of concentration- it's one of the things that frustrates me most about my depression.

Hope things are a bit better for you today.

Take care x

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