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Whatever makes your day a better one...
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Postby Janet.J » Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:11 pm

Hi room,

Today does not feel so bad..... Trying my hardest to stay positive and not continue with my pessimistic ways! But today feels like it is going better than yesterday. We have extended our trip, and will hopefully achieve the things we wanted to while away, fingers crossed!

Just thinking of what makes me smile and happy.......

I'm madly in love with my husband, my other half, the person that makes me smile and gives me a purpose in life, my sunshine! He is my main reason I get out of bed in the morning. He is the reason I smile on most days. He is my everything, even when things are not great, he keeps me in check and keeps me level. There is not one part of him I do not love! He is my joy!
My husband is what makes me happy!


He is my happy! He saved me, now it's time that we save each other and build each other back up.....

Appreciation for others is a beautiful thing.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Janet x

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Postby Barbra » Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:30 pm

I like the sound of a hope thread because last wee while I have been feeling pretty hopeless. There are no services where I live and I feel isolated. I have been trying to keep myself busy and make myself stuff to look forward to. At least today I found out about a local committee that I could be a volunteer at. I wish I had more friends. It's good to have other people to meet up with.

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Postby sedge » Fri May 22, 2015 2:54 pm

I feel hope today as I am able to join in with others talking over experiences of depression. This also occupies me and has made me feel less lonely when my kids are at school. Thank you to all of you who take the time to read these posts

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Postby chirp » Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:48 pm

I had a good day today!

My depression reared its head since finishing uni for the summer and I've been struggling to do anything other than my minimum wage summer job that I need for paying the bills. Self care has been hard, and I've been trying to work on my uni dissertation without much luck due to tiredness and lack of motivation most days.

I started the Blurt Foundation's #365daysofselfcare challenge almost 2 weeks ago and it's really brought my perspective back to a healthy place. All summer I have been punishing myself and feeling guilty for not having the energy to be productive, and when I was reminded that I needed to be kind to myself, everything started to feel a little easier.

I get down intermittently throughout the year, and most of the time I try to pretend that it's not an illness, it's just a bad mood, it will go away on its own. I want to remind myself (and everyone here, if it helps) that mental illness DOESN'T get better on its own. It takes work, patience, and kindness. I remembered to be kind to myself this week, and today it paid off. I had a gently productive, enjoyable day, without panic or tears or hopelessness.

You can do it! Look after yourself. Pick something that will make you feel calm each day and do it. You're worth it.

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Postby cathybear » Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:57 pm

Hello everyone!

I am new to this and this is my first post ever so I apologise if I don't do this right. But I just wanted to share something that I do to try find positives in my day.

So almost everyday I try to come up with 3 things I am grateful for that day. It can be the smallest of things or a big accomplishment, it really doesn't matter what it is as long as it was something that you were grateful for. On good and bad (almost needed more on bad days!) I will always text one of my really close friends my 3 things or just simply write them down. For example, today I am grateful for tea, I am grateful for the pretty pink sunset, and I am grateful that my doctor was really nice to me this morning.

Another thing I sometimes do, but so far I have only managed it on days where I am feeling a bit more positive, is use something called the GLAD technique that I found online. I will write down in a notebook something I am Grateful for, something I have Learned, something I have Achieved, and something that I Delighted in (something that makes you smile or feel pleasure) that day. I need to try get into a better routine of doing it but so far I only manage it when I can. But by writing both of these types of strategies down it means that when I am having a particularly low day I can go back and read what I have written down on previous days about what I am grateful for or what I managed to achieve and often it actually can help.

Anyways just thought others might like to try it out sometime! You can always send me your 3 things a day if you wish! I love hearing what other people come up with :)

Sending big love and hugs to everyone! xxx

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Postby christabel » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:20 pm

Welcome cathybear

Sounds a good practice to follow. Thanks for the suggestion.

Today I'm grateful to have had my family visit.

I have manage to do a bit of Christmas wrapping.

I'm grateful for the lovely people on the forum who have been supportive.

Feel free to join in any other post cathybear or start one of your own. Always good to have more joining in. Take care x Chris

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Postby cathybear » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:42 pm

Thank you, Chris!

Thanks for sharing your 3 things. It's nice to hear what other people have done!

Sounds like you have had quite a productive day.. well done! I hope you feel accomplished :)

I will be sure to keep checking out other posts x

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Postby mihaela » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:13 am

Hello Cathy,

I love this positive way of looking at things, and I'm going to start doing this myself, and remind myself to do it every day.

I've been up since 1.22 and it's now 3.07 (yes, quite normal for me :roll: ) so the day has still a long way to go. But for now, one thing I'm really grateful for is that the headache that plagued me all day yesterday has gone. Yayyyy! :lol:

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Postby cathybear » Wed Dec 07, 2016 1:33 am

Hello again Mihaela :)

I am glad to hear you like the idea of it!

I too struggle a lot with sleeping so you may find me on here at strange hours of the night as well.
Ah what a great thing to be grateful for! Having a horrible headache can make you feel awful physically as well as mentally, so I am really happy to hear yours has eased off and given you a break!

My 3 things for today were:
1. I am grateful for actually feeling okay in the outfit I was wearing today, and didn't feel as bad about my body as I usually always do.
2. I am grateful that I had a good lecturer at uni, it made it much easier to be there and reduce my anxiety a bit.
3. I am grateful that I got to watch a funny TV programme with my family tonight (despite wanting to get into bed and not deal with life).


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Postby mihaela » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:32 am

Buna diminiață! Thanks for your nice reply, Cathy. It's 2.16 here and I was up just before 2. It's not that I have difficulty sleeping, but that I have weird sleeping times. When the hour changes twice each year it really messes me up. However, hard I try to get up later and go to bed later I doesn't work. My two other things for yesterday:

:arrow: I had a hospital appointment for 9 yesterday morning far away. When the car came to collect me I was very nervous about the journey there. Gradually I became less fearful once the heavy traffic was passed. At the hospital itself the staff treated me well, and I even sat in the café and had some coffee and a cake, and only felt slightly anxious. For me this is a big thing to do on my own, for the previous time I was with a friend. (I sat in the same chair at the same table as last time, and ate the same type of cake (I find change stressful). The journey back was hardly a problem at all.

:arrow: When I was there somebody complimented me over my alpaca coat, which made my day! :lol:

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