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Helping loved one with depression and weed dependency

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Helping loved one with depression and weed dependency

Postby battydragon » Wed Aug 05, 2020 8:28 pm

My best friend has depression and has a toxic dependency on weed. He talks to me about how he's in pain being alive and how there is no point to living. He spends nights not being able to sleep because he can’t stop thinking about getting a job and how he’s wasted his life. As an ex drug user myself with my own mental health issues I know that a lot of his mood swings and lack of motivation comes from his smoking habits. I have talked to him about supporting him if he wants to quit, but he tells me how weed helps him and that he is worse without it. I spoke to him about therapy and how he could really benefit from it, but he tells me that he’s done it all before and nobody can understand him or help him. He’s in complete denial and I have no idea how to help him see sense. I hate to see him struggle everyday with lack of motivation to do anything. He’s really smart, funny, kind and an amazing friend. It would mess me up if anything ever happened to him without me trying to help. As I am in recovery myself I am aware that I cannot let myself become drained and that I have to look after myself too. I think I may offer for him to stay at my house and get clean, I know that outdoor projects, distractions and good days out may help him (as they did for me)but all I can do right now is wait for him to be ready. :(

I know to most people weed is harmless ... which it is. It's the dependency and escapism that is an issue. Nobody who acts psycotic and suicical without it is okay.

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Re: Helping loved one with depression and weed dependency

Postby hay123 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:22 am


B. Dragon I would say your observation of your friend is accurate I use to be a bit like this when I would use marijuana. What I didn't notice that it was making more selfish.Everybody says that weed brings you in to yourself. He's probably next to his self goals, but can he bring it together to realise himself with them, actually - is the foot gonna be in the door, actually?

What is probably happening is that hes not noticing hows he is missing opportunities and hampering his mental and physical health through intoxication. He probably doesn't realise that he is MISSING IN time more proper efforts to find work, it's really competitive outside. So you have to be forward and INN on all the important credentials like cv prep/interview prep,

Lots of work places to do drug test aswell.

I looked this for structured living for yourself and him. ... important/

All the best
Trying to be helpful as I can, helps me with my mental health. And I don't realise enough from myself, Is what I understand from myself. :roll:

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Re: Helping loved one with depression and weed dependency

Postby albertinageller » Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:26 am

You should tell him that weed or any other type of drug will not help him. It will only make you worse. You should share some articles that say drugs can't help with mental health disorders and make him understand that it is bad for him. He won't come out from this dependency until he beliefs that it is not good for him.

I have found some articles that say drugs can't help with mental health. Hope this will help him.

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