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How does bipolar and/or BPD manifest itself for you?

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How does bipolar and/or BPD manifest itself for you?

Postby likeayoyo » Sun May 19, 2019 10:05 pm

Hello, I just wondered if you could share your experiences with me about how bipolar and/or BPD presents itself in you?

I have a feeling I may have bipolar (however, I'm getting confused with BPD too when reading up about them both) and I guess I will have to visit the Drs for formal advice. I do have depression and am on Fluoxetine. However, this does not help my extreme mood swings. Some days I can feel a random sense of wellbeing and happiness, I suddenly appreciate everything in my life, like I'm seeing the world anew and through rose tinted specs. During these phases my partner often comments that I seem in a particularly good mood (much to his delight). I have visions of how great life can be for us and am enthusiastic about everything. I become very focused and extra productive. Then suddenly, out of the blue I will wake up feeling like there's no point to any of it etc. (classic depression symptoms). I think the fluoxetine has taken an edge off of these depressive episodes however. Today I went from having a wonderful weekend and more than happy, to extreme anger and rage, suicidal thoughts, reckless behaviour (storming out of house, speeding off in car, scratching and hitting myself, screaming) all over something my partner said that would be a minor upset and little disagreement to most others. I have a 9 month old baby and I feel like I am failing him because my mood swings are affecting my relationship with his daddy. When I examine my past I can identify times I have behaved out of character and it has negatively impacted my life too.

Thanks for listening and sharing x

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Re: How does bipolar and/or BPD manifest itself for you?

Postby marchmadness2019 » Thu May 30, 2019 4:19 am

Hi. This sounds like my recent ex who has bipolar, depression, adhd, and I believe borderline as well. Read my post from a few days ago. That’s what he did while on all of his regular medicine. Everyone said he was regulated, but then why would he have suicidal thoughts, actions, anger, rage, among other things if he’s regulated. Makes me think the personality is finally able to be worked on since he’s all regulated. Cluster b’s I’m seeing in him.

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Re: How does bipolar and/or BPD manifest itself for you?

Postby clareeast77 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:42 pm


I have BPD and Bipolar, and also PTSD, in 2009 I was behaving exactly as you are now, and funnily enough I was also taking Fluoxetine, I gotta say that drug did me no good at all, but I didn't have my diagnosis back then, cut a long story short, I ended up severely losing the plot and had a massive breakdown! I spent a long time in hospital having the best therapy, 2 and a half years of it to be exact, thats what finally got my PD under control, it was like taking apart a jigsaw puzzle that had been put together wrong, then piecing back together again, I was a different person after therapy. Then theres the meds, I needed more than an antidepressant! I must have tried 5 before i found the correct antidepressant, so im now on venlafaxine, but i also take a mood stabiliser, and a small dose of antipsychotic for my anxiety. Its a mixed bag but so am I.

If you want my advice, make sure you get a correct diagnosis first and foremost! People worry about being labelled but I say it doesn't matter because along with the label comes the correct treatment! Just be proud of who you are, the label doesn't change that. And secondly, make sure you're getting the correct medication to treat the symptoms of your illness, you'll hear people say "you can't treat PD with medication", and in a way they're right, but you can treat the symptoms! Anxiety for a start!

Good luck, i hope this helps xx

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