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Mental health Awareness Project

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Mental health Awareness Project

Postby vikungr » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:47 pm

Good afternoon all,

My name is Sam shepherd and I am an ex naval officer that has been diagnosed with PTSD psychotic depression and dissociative disorder as a result of my service. Since my diagnosis I have set up and run a fairly popular mental health blog via Instagram.

The blogs defining factor is that I post hand written original poetry written in the Viking script of the elder futhark. I then post the poems with the English translations below, these poems have really taken off and I have been asked by a vast number of my followers to publish a book of my work.

This got me thinking that this could be the perfect opportunity to raise the public awareness of mental health in service personnel and in general. I am currently in the process of raising funding for the project and the current plan is to have a % of any profits split between mental health charities and help for heroes.

During my journey to gain project exposure I have been incredibly fortunate by way of support from the Jorvik Viking centre in York as well as a huge following on social media. I’m hoping to get this project to “go viral” so we can get the public spotlight on something so often forgotten about unfortunately with tragic consequences, I myself have lost friends due to suicide and I too have been staring into oblivion before. I was fortunate enough to be interrupted and found a more productive channel to help me heal. This is something I’m hugely passionate about and I am urging as many people as I can reach to share this project and get it snowballing into something that could cause positive change however small.

Thank you for your time the links to my blog and project are below.

Sam ... ken-Viking

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