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Cooking for Comfort

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:39 pm

the Forum and particularly you and Chris have really helped me through a very dark and difficult time.
I have had a horrible time.
all I can say is that I never do well in the middle of winter and at Christmas, also I had a really horrible job, that actually made me cry.
I am just 'waking up' as it were, not quite 'myself' yet.
I have taken down most of the decorations, but the tree is still up.

Chris is there any ham ice cream left?
I have a bit of Turkey left, when we cooked it we accidentally left the giblets inside ---they were in the neck cavity - so we cooked the turkey, the giblets and the plastic that they were in :lol:

so there we are..bye-bye to 2018. Another thing, still have not put candles on my birthday cake.
This is a tradition, we have to cut the cake and take the pictures, so at the weekend ( a month after my birthday I will do my birthday pictures), Like the Queen I have two birthdays in a year :lol:

Very best wishes and thank you again.

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby christabel » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:04 pm

Hi to you both

It sounds as though you are coming through the other side of your bad spell. So to speak. B. Have you given your awful job up?
We certainly don't need to have to go to do something we hate having the illness we have.
I was lucky in only having to work part-time when I was well enough. We did not have alot of money for fancy holidays or a car but the kids were fed and clothed. My husband was always in work and saw us ok. We are both retired now and since downsizing managing ok.
I enjoyed at times going out to work but usually found it would eventually go pear shape with my MH. Horrible illness.

Hope things are improving b so that you can get back to your hobbies.
How are you maisi? You are a bit quiet lately. Hope you are ok. :)

Mmmmm cooked plastic coated turkey giblets. Can I have the recipe?
I have managed some healthy eating and to cut the sugar a bit and you know what ' I've been feeling a bit better'. At last. :D

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby maisi » Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:48 pm


I'm ok, thanks for asking- things feel so different on different days for me. Yeah I worried too about the impact of a really hard job while you were feeling so low B.

Ah, accidental giblet stuffing, it happens- I bet it's not that rare, I've seen it. Not as bad as having the bird upside down and thinking there's very little meat on it- seen that too. I like being vegetarian- how badly can you misunderstand a pepper? :D

Hope you're both looking forwards...bulbs are coming up here, and very confident looking shoots of the anemone- that plant gives it loads, announces itself, grows so fast, then has about 3 flowers that last about 2 days- it's funny every year.


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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:39 pm

Dear Maisi and Chris,
hoping you are both o.k. and that your families are o.k. too.
Chris, I hope your husband is doing alright.

My job ended last week. I still have their name tag, uniform e.t.c. but they are not answering the phone to me, I had a meeting with the manager, but she did not turn up.
This is a bit shameful, modern day curtesy :!:

I am not really cooking just now, spending a good amount of time in bed....shame for the husband.

I did get a hobby-craft voucher and I have purchased five 400g balls of Aran, Why? and 3 balls of 100% wool - chunky...why? yet again.

Super chunky yarn knits up nicely if making hats. I have a pattern that is reliable so that a bobble hat can be made in an evening. Maybe call it the 'one film chunky hat'.
I have made 6 so far and one for me so, (7) so will donate some to the homeless shelter in town, maybe people will be cheered up.

Before I say anymore, will just have a quick read of the forum and of your posts.
take care

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:27 pm

Dear Maisi and Chris,
have just had a little look around the forum. Was much cheered up by the uplifting song thread...
Now have Dione Warwick and Elton in my head :lol:

The story of the turkey and the giblets is long and winding - just like the neck which didn't seem to match the rest of the bird..(a good reason for going vegetarian)..we were so fascinated by the neck that we didn't look for the rest of the giblets in the neck cavity. My husband dared me to still make gravy with the cooked giblets that had been in the plastic, but I lost my nerve in the end and I didnt.

So stressed... have been waiting to go on a mindfulness course. I was referred by the psychiatrist. Only to discover that the people who run the course had 'missed me' ...the Psychiatrist made the referral in October and I am not on the course.
I have been resisting it, but I think I need to become a mental health blogger, if only to talk about the awful (S****) attitude of some mental heath services...particularly those out sourced to private organisations.
Sorry----I think this bit should have gone on the rant page.
might have to do that.

Very best wishes to you both, we will have sponge pudding and custard in a while and then I will consider cutting down on the sugar, I am sure that I would feel better for it as well. thank you for talking about the sugar.


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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby christabel » Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:23 pm

Hi to you both. I have enjoyed catching up with you.

Pleased you are ok maisi. I've noticed all the bulbs through in fact they were well on there way a while before Christmas. Looks as though we are heading for a quite long cold spell. I hope it does not spoil the new green shoots that are already showing.
What do you have to replace meat in your diet? Is there anything particular you like? We all need the vitamins.
I have just started taking vitamins again as I have not slept properly for ages. I stopped taking them because of the steroids and other meds the GP put me on along side of them. Just about steroid free so now. Oh my goodness they have just put a girl on a charcoal diet to loose weight on the T V. The drink they made looked disgusting.

Pity you couldn't of put a photo of your turkey neck on here b. We could have run a competition of. WHO'S NECK IS IT.
How lovely you doing the hats for the homeless. Makes me smile. Your generosity is wonderful. :)
I have learnt over the years, ( more so now ) the best help you can get is yourself. The services are no longer good enough. I know you research and read a lot which can help.

5lb off with cutting sugar so far. I think the cravings are easing. I have been feeling better and people have noticed in my face I seem better. Only thing my anxiety been up but that could be lack of sleep.

Hope to hear from you both soon. You are a tonic. X Chris

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby jerangelis » Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:51 pm

Hello everyone, I love cooking so much! It really helps me to relax and distract from the daily routine. Most of all, I love to call home friends and cook a wonderful dinner. Now I am carried away with a healthy lifestyle. Now I cook not only delicious dishes but also healthy. I like that a lot!

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:26 am

looking in the cupboards :roll:
Dear Chris and Maisi and all reading this, hello!
January is generally seen as the austerity month, well it used to be, particularly if a person has had a bit of a 'blow out spend' at Christmas. So...looking in the cupboard and freezer, looking to use up what we have with a view to spending less on the shopping.
so I have strange things ...
bags frozen rhubarb why???
frozen blackberries, mango, raspberries
frozen fish in cornflakes!!
frozen peas, French beans, sweet corn, fish (cod, herring)
frozen nasturtium leaves from the garden (remember those?)
I got 3 meats for £10 this week - mince beef, pork chops, steak and there is some chicken in the fridge.
I also have 3 pumpkins left over from last year. I did have 4 in the cool area near the back door. the forth and the biggest one self imploded and I found a wet gooey mess yesterday. :lol:

Maisie and Chris, I do hope that telling you this will give me a bit of motivation to leave the biscuits alone and try eating real food for a bit.
I think I need to eat some real food....

By the turkey has been respectfully given its last rites and laid to rest :lol: [/b!!

A few years ago for Christmas, I did give chutney and merry marmalade (marmalade made with whisky, the whisky put in at the end, just before potting up), I think it went down well with the men in particular.
I did buy a box of jars in November with a view to making the merry marmalade, but I was busy with the work and poorly as you know.

I have 30 odd jars of chutney...the less said about this, the better :oops:

best wishes
looking forward to hearing from you,

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby betterinrecovery » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:31 am

I admire what you are doing with the not having sugar, really challenged and inpressed.
I do tend to avoid the diet programmes, but I may take a peek at on or two of them.
Best wishes

when more time ...later in day or tomorrow hope to write more

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Re: Cooking for Comfort

Postby maisi » Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:44 pm

Hi B and Chris,

Hats off to you Chris cutting sugar- and feeling better for it- it is a drug (trying to wean my daughter down). Can I have a well done for continuing to avoid cheese, my nemesis, and the reason I can't take any chutney off your hands B, as what'll I put it with of not some of that vegetarian crack?

I'm feeling 50% better 50% worse recently, I think that's the deal with therapy.

I've missed chatting here (don't even know what I mean by recently, could be less than a week, a couple of weeks or more, I could check but the less admin the better round here)

I know you've both had a lot going on, I hope you're feeling hopeful x

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