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Postby 80srock » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:08 pm

Hello to everyone. I have submitted my problem and am waiting a response which I realise might take some time.
Today I did Prevent terrorism training at work and I now realise that the policy of my psychiatrist that sex can only happen in a relationship is promoting a Daesh terrorist agenda. In my town the people believe that sex can happen outside of relationships however the Crisis team is controlled by many Muslims and people from strict African countries. They are enforcing a strict religious view of social attitudes that many terrorist groups would be happy with and it is all happening within the health service so is secret. I welcome foreign people to this country but those with strict religious backgrounds I feel are inappropriate to be employed in overseeing the sexual behaviour of adults in my English town.
The moderators of this site have a legal duty to act upon my concerns about my local NHS promoting extremist views and the least that should happen is that they are questioned about it. They can ask what are the concerns with my behaviour because I have been called in more than once for just mentioning sex.
I, myself wish to be able to mention sex briefly and in passing with women just to show honesty. I find that if I just chat women up, they don’t like me manipulating the conversation and it’s dishonest. I am finding it extremely difficult to meet women in this environment.
People who read this post should report it so the admins can look at my address and question my local NHS about whether sex outside of a relationship is possible in my area. It is not in line with English views or culture and don’t be surprised if a bomber is produced in the streets around me.

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