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The most useless one at work

Sometimes you just need to let off steam...
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The most useless one at work

Postby foreverblue » Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:24 pm

Hi all,

Basically have had the worst day of my life (at work anyway). I am fairly new in my job however in my last meeting with my manager she thinks I'm under-performing and basically not doing as well as she hoped by now.

I just fucking cried. Not because of the feedback from her (I know she only is doing it to help) just because I was so disappointment in myself. Work was my only escape and now things at work are getting worse and worse.

My ex works in the same place as me and is in my line-management (yes I know, stupid move but I honestly thought it was the real thing) and ever since he's split up with me, I just feel the tears pricking in my eyes. I am still desperately in love with him and I feel torn apart.

I told my manager (the one in the meeting with) that I'm sure she felt that she made a wrong move with hiring me, that I'm sure she regrets it and that how I don't value myself. She said to me that she thought I was clever which was very sweet, but let's face it...I am not. I am as average (maybe below-average) as they come. None of my grades or anything are exceeding expectations.

I loathe myself. Honestly, today I have research painless ways to die...the only thing that stops me killing myself is that my family would miss me and I'm a massive wuss.

I need help so desperately.

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Re: The most useless one at work

Postby c.j. » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:55 am

I put off applying for promotion for years as I didn't feel clever enough. I shouldn't have bothered as the majority of my managers have been worse than useless. Try just taking it on the chin (easier said than done) and find ways how to improve (ie. research ways of learning etc). Hope things improve either way. If anything anyone can help with, let's know!

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Re: The most useless one at work

Postby am » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:45 am

I’m on a temp contract until September . Total career change for me and I have felt useless for the first 3 months . It has made my mental health go downhill and I am struggling .

I thought that this was my dream job , I set my expectations high thinking “this is it” , “you’ve made it “ and instead I just stress , lie awake at night and feel isolated when I am in the office.
I am friendly but don’t feel I have actually made any friends.

I have felt like the most useless one at work for some time but I am slowly realising I am not and you won’t be either !
I went to an away day and got talking to people , this has helped and I feel less isolated . I just need to start taking things on the chin too and stop being so sensitive. It is easier said than done though I dread Mondays then wonder why I stressed after Monday ! Look after yourself , is there any training you can do to enhance your performance? Your manager knows you’re clever you just need to believe it too.

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