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Re: sorry

Postby deadchick07 » Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:07 pm

I wish i could move on, i have been ill for 22 years. Right now, and to update those who dont read my posts, Im not well following a change of medication. The medication that was working was poisoning me so had to be changed. The washout period caused a relapse. The new meds don't work well on controlling my mood, I have bipolar 1. I also have recently been diagnosed with moderate M.E. and I also have mobility problems through marked osteoarthritis. The cumulative effect of all of this has resulted in suicidal depressive thoughts, which I have been trying to post to get support for.

I would appreciate a modicum of support and understanding of what it is like to experience a severe and enduring mental health problem based in psychosis, I would appreciate the same rules of showing a degree of understanding towards people who may be sensitive to posts which may have double meaning or could be construed as direct attacks.

Please, just because I have been here for a number of years, and just because I have a job, does not mean I am any less vulnerable than anyone else.

If you can't respect my wishes, please block me, or refrain from commenting on my threads.
I'm not mad, I'm furious

When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty

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Re: sorry

Postby umbrella4therain » Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:33 am

I know things have been really hard lately DC. Dont give up. Hugs. xxx

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Re: sorry

Postby Cardiff » Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:00 am

I am sad you are ill and wish I could make it better for you but I cant.

Well, as a new person (suspect troll and all that - as everyone keeps hinting at - must wear a bell round my neck), I am sorry you are having such a crap time, and it seems as though it will never end. Please don't use it as an excuse to lash out and hurt people. Speaking myself,as someone who has suffered for nearly sixty years from pretty shitty things both as a survivor of abuse and as someone with MH difficulties. They are only a part of me, they dont define me, I wont let them and thats my struggle

You are a mental health worker, and proud of your work and abilities,and yet you posted a truly offensive poem, which includes threats to kill.( It does, read it again. :( I know that you have deleted it, thanks for that, but I have a copy at home - do quite like most of J.C-C)

It made me feel physically sick reading it here, and in the context of certain people here, and I am no stranger to GID or trans issues. and I have not agreed this in a pm or whatever people are on about.

I dont know who is working who on here, but it is coming across that there a problem here with trans people or something? Why?
I didnt join this site to read TxxT. (Not a very anarcho syndicalist word by the way.) Whatever happened to mutual aid?

So I am sorry that you are ill , but I am saddened that another person justifies your behaviour even when you have had the goodness to realise what is happening yourself.

I am not condemning you, I have been well out of order myself when very unwell but have learned to take myself out of a situation until I know I am a bit more aware. All you can do is try I know.

You must be able to do it, otherwise you wouldnt hold down such a responsible job.

Sincerest good wishes to you and hope things resolve for everyone here, please dont let recent events control you, as then the wrong people win, and you are all supposed to be the good guys.

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Re: sorry

Postby deadchick07 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:44 am

why do you want to stir it up again, and word it in a way that to question you is me causing the trouble?

I only attacked the mods, not individuals (unless you include the attack on myself, hence the poem) and I have accepted that was wrong, but people jumped at me.

I asked that those people who dont agree with me didnt post on my threads at this time as it causes problems. I neither invited or provoked your post. It was unhelpful after I removed my posts. It has taken all day and a lot of medication to get through today. What have you gained from doing this? And the detail ,have you been keeping notes on me to use at a later time, why prolong this?

leave me alone.
I'm not mad, I'm furious

When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty

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