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Mental illness recognises no boundaries...

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Re: God

Postby LSmudge » Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:20 am

I'm a Christian and have been since I was a teenager. I think Christianity has unfortunately earnt a bit of a bad reputation because the media only focusses on the loonies and fakey televangelists who are only after your money!

I would definitely agree that an Alpha course is the way forward. It's brilliant!

I will admit that I have had a few other Christians say some pretty hideous things to me about mental health, but the key is to smile sweetly, nod, then walk off and find some other people more on your wavelength! Even Christians aren't perfect- far from it- so they are going to get it wrong too!! But there are some Christians out there who are just flipping amazing people and I'm where I am today because of them and God!

Give it a go! At the end of the day, if it's not for you, then it's not a problem! If it is, then great!


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Re: God

Postby Isap » Sat Feb 07, 2015 6:03 am

Hi I am a Christian by birth but never been convinced. I am reading the Bible for the first time.

Whether you believe in God or not, going to church is not a bad idea if you have a mental illness. Just the atmosphere in a church has a calming effect.

I believe in God, but in a God who is neither good nor bad. He lets people just get on with it. There is so much natural beauty in the world that it is difficult to believe it all sprung up haphazardly.

The Bible is boring and repetitive but you will find here and there some very practical advice on how to live your life and put up with adversity.

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Re: God

Postby Isis » Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:23 pm

I think you can benefit from the teachings of Jesus Christ without becoming a Christian or going to Church. I follow Jesus's example's of forgiveness and compassion, but I don't agree that becoming a Christian is the only way to be 'saved' I think that part of Christianity is actually the worst part, how can there only be one way to be saved? I think that there are many many gods and divine incarnations and all of them are equal. I don't think that there is only one god because I am not ignorant of other cultures, but I think a lot of religions demand total dedication to one god which is wrong. I would class my self as a moral atheist/Buddhist. I did go to church for about a year, 2 years ago, but I don't like the ideas that the church presented to me like, hell and damnation etc. When I actually took my vows as a christian I was told that I had made an enemy, called Satan, which really upset me, so watch out for these people who scaremonger you into staying faithful to one god they will use quite scary ideas to manipulate you, this is why organized religion is rubbish.

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Re: God

Postby markh » Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:19 pm

I have had so called religion in my life; and i cant stand it anymore. I was watching a film on netflix this afternoon and in it a girl goes into a church and goes out to be prayed for. Thats when i turned it off.
I have been there and done that; can't say it did much for me. I had a mother who hurt me so badly, and my wife and my daughter; and she went around calling herself a born again christian. The things she did to me? if thats what being a christian does for you; then i want nothing more to do with it. I came out of church, sold my drums that i used in it. threw my bible away and decided that it was better for me not to go back down that route thanks. If there IS a heaven; i wont be there. I dont want to meet the bitch who was my mother again, remember? she went about hurting people and calling herself a born again, if god lets her in then i am not interested.
I dont go into churches at all, not even for funerals. The less i have to do with it the better. I despise "god" now for what has happened to me at the hands of that abomination of a mother.
I dont mix with christians now. i am not drawn in. i am not convinced by ANY of it. especially those who try to push it down folks throats. Anyone mentions it i either walk away or tell them i'm not going there. Its all crowd control folks. it dont control me.
All those so called good things that were supposed to happen to me for being a child of god? they never happened to me. I was merely passed over. Other people got the "good stuff"; well they are fakers anyway, so they're welcome to it all!
God? no pal of mine.
This all comes from someone who was very active in church, was an active member of the businesmens fellowship, played drums in the church band, helped many people. attended every meeting i could, got people interested in a prayer group before to church service early in the morning. I didn't ask to be born; tbh i'd rather be dead. but why was i allowed to live this miserable life? I used to believe that there was a place for me; now i know, its a hole in the ground or a crematory oven. My place is to sit and take the daily punishment that is dished out each day. its my fate. i will die one day, i hope its soon.

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Re: God

Postby christabel » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:23 am

Yes I've been a church member but not any more. My lifes been rubbish at times but I still try and be a decent person ( don't always succeed ) I try and put my bad experience to some use even if it only to understand what other people are going through.

I would rather support the people that need it than keep buildings running and heated etc and singing songs however nice. That is what it was supposed to be about. Could not get to grips with people that are back biting and nasty and thought they were being Christian. Nobodies perfect but at least you've got to make some effort. What are they about?

Don't let others destroy you, you have obviously have a lot of good qualities or you would not have been helping people in the first place.

Hope you can rise above, have you heard of Karma?

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Re: God

Postby markh » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:48 am

the chameleon? :lol: :lol:
Yes i have heard of it and my life is bad karma.
They all talk about times when we wander away from god, in my opinion, god left me. He lost interest in me. Anyone here fans of Genesis? Visions of angels on the Trespass album? "god gave up this world, its people, long ago", and ..."in reverence to a god no-one can reach..."; pretty much says it all! I always felt i wasn't being heard, and this is a self fulfilling prophecy; no-one listens to me now. I think god lost interest in this world long ago and left us all to it.
I knew someone who told newbies about a book of murder, war, sex, death; the bible, but he didn't mention incest, or violence, people being taken out for wasting their "jewels", or that abraham had children to his sister! and they let children read this book. Its totally unrealistic, people who lived hundreds of years for example; i hope i'm dead before i reach 60! NO way do i want to be on this mortal coil any longer than is absolutely necessary, certainly not hundreds of years old! Imagine knowing that you could live to be 300 years; the very thought makes me feel quite sick, and downright miserable. And as for the world being made in a week!? come on!

Nah, church and religion is full of self righteous folks who believe what suits them, yes, they pick and choose and make it up as they go along! The cliques are particularly nasty, people who are so heavenly minded that they're no earthly bloody good! When i played drums in church i didn't do it for self glorification, i did it because i was asked to and because i enjoyed it, but there are people who may be excellent at leading the music group, or on a piano; they really think that they are IT! I once was ridiculed for using a cymbal, by the music leader, apparently he didn't want them used for a particular piece of music and i didn't know it; he tried to bring me down in front of all in the group. until i mentioned that his piano playing wasn't exactly top notch, as he kept playing bum notes, and any time i see him, i make a point in painfully reminding him! self righteous twat. I'd even laugh out loud no matter when in the service when he did it!
NO, i've had my fill of that, thank you very much. I didn't fit in. they probably think i'm a bad person; im no angel, i probably AM a bed person. But they aint any better! Its all crowd control.

I gave up trying to be a nice person, instead of being polite and gracious, meek and mild, i dont care if what i say offends others; because i dont believe they care with the shoe on the other foot! People dont understand if you pussyfoot around; get stuck in there, let people know how you really feel, if they cant handle it; too bad; the truth hurts.

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Re: God

Postby alisontiz » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:36 pm

Hi all, just want to say I've been following this very interesting thread. I haven't been to Church for about 23 years but have always had an idea in the back of my mind that there is a God. I have looked into other religions a little and have often thought that there is one God whom we all worship in different ways. In all honesty, I can't really say I know anything about it. The reason I have been thinking about it recently is that until about two years ago my husband and I always got on incredibly well and we honestly never argued or shouted at one another. Some would say this was an unhealthy marriage. Nevertheless, it was true and I knew I could rely on my husband to be there for me no matter what. Then,long story short, I was threatened with being sectioned if I didn't take Risperidone. I reluctantly took it. The result was I spent about two years asleep or lying on the sofa doing nothing and ended up with tardive dyskinesia. One day, my mild-mannered husband could take no more and screamed in my face about me being lazy and never doing anything. It also transpired that he thought I was making all my involuntary movements on purpose. All of this, caused by Risperidone, almost made us divorce. It was a hellish time for both of us and to this day I have no idea how we have pulled things back together as much as we have. This year will be our 30th wedding anniversary and we shall both have our 60th birthdays. Never having celebrated anything before, I have been thinking that it would be good to mark this year as a special time in our lives. I have also been thinking about having a Thanksgiving for our marriage during which we renew our vows in Church. I most certainly do not want to do this unless I believe in what I am saying and believe in God. I do feel very confused about the whole thing and sometimes think I should go on an Alpha course, but I don't really go out and couldn't manage being with a group of people. Sorry to but in on this thread,but just wanted to let you know I'm following what is written and am searching for ideas and answers from whatever persuasion. Wishing you well, Alison

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Re: God

Postby Afrika2015 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:52 pm

Do whatever feels right and whatever works for you. Forget everyone else and all the preconceptions. You'll never know if you don't try. Personally, i'm a Muslim and my faith helps me!!!

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Re: God

Postby markh » Fri May 01, 2015 9:08 am

TBH, religion and god are the last things you need when you feel like you do.
I was quite active in church, and yet i felt as if i wasn't welcome, i did not feel accepted. Its very hard to feel wanted, accepted and loved by a god who isn't there.
God did nothing for me. I hate god and anything to do with church, religion or anything to do with it.
He didn't help me to cope with a wicked mother, or when i was abused. Sure; people say that it wasn't him that allowed it, it was people that committed the acts against me. So why didn't he step in and protect me? because he isn't there. Its crowd control; all those TV evangelists you see, spouting on and on about gods love for us? they get paid to do that. I dont believe there is a loving god. My mother and step-father chose one night to confront and humiliate me in front of a gathering of people, what a hurtful thing to do. If thats what being a "christian" means then i want nothing to do with it. There is no heaven, its all fallacy. i certainly wouldnt be welcome if there was. All the important people get to go; the rest of the plebs get stuffed as usual.

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