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Advice would be appreciated

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Advice would be appreciated

Postby supervicky » Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:29 pm

Just came here some help and or advice

I recently had a miscarriage early on at beginning of lockdown and worked the
Full way through it, but even since I haven’t felt right, I through myself into work
Working extra etc. Recently I feel awful and feelings I can’t hide anymore, work
I’m making mistakes stressing so badly making myself ill and worried when I got
In il be pulled in for another mistake I’ve made ( which I know is over the top I’m
Thinking the worst ) and anyone who makes mistakes would be spoken to but
I end up making things that aren’t necessarily a problem huge in my head and
I can’t help it.

Everything seems to have come to head I’m short with my husband and son, I cry
So much , I have a panic feeling constantly in my chest and feel sick! I feel bad even feeling
The way I do because there are people who have so much more things happening and
Get on with it. I’m just hating feeling like this tried self help , doing work outs , eating healthy but
I can’t shift the feeling that I’m not good enough and keep making mistakes , or that things were my fault
I haven’t told many people the way I’m feeling because I don’t want to upset anyone but I’m looking for any help please

Thanks I’m advance

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