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Feeling despair at everything

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Feeling despair at everything

Postby astar » Mon Feb 17, 2020 6:49 pm

This is the first time i have sought help through this kind of forum, so not entirely sure how to write it..perhaps if anything just a cathartic experience..

Every so often i get these intense low moods, i have never nor do i ever wish to hurt myself, but i have these obsessive thoughts about scratching my skin off when i feel intensely angry or upset. They pass, for which im grateful, however, ive got to a particularly stressful point in my life, and have never felt this low before. I have little desire to continue with anything (although not suicidal), i feel i have lost any trust in my close circle, even though they have given me no reason to believe this. I feel totally alone and i actually feel the need to isolate myself even though i know this is not the best thing to do. I just feel like im always the sad one right now, and i dont want my friends and close ones to have to continue experiencing this..

I feel lost, scared and apathetic all at the same time, i just dont care. I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences and what they found useful?

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Re: Feeling despair at everything

Postby tinkerbell » Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:47 pm

Hi astar,

I am sorry to hear you have being feeling low. Please don't feel you are on your own. My mood has been low with pressures of life too.
You seem to plod on in this world, acting as a mechanical robot or puppet strings tied to you, to please everyone around you, thinking your holding the world together. Instead your crumbling inside with insecurities, doubting yourself, not trusting anyone and even want to poke some idiot in the eyes with your 2 fingers from their sarcastic stupid unhilarious jokes!

Anyway what i'm trying to say is I feel your pain too. Is your job stressfull? Or life in general? Kids, parents, partner? Your cat or dog? It is the little things in life that build until our bubble pops and can't take no more. You can get through this, nothing lasts forever. If your already down, (like me) the only way can be up. please feel better soon!

Talk to someone you feel you can trust and also write what triggers you off in a book and work from that.

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