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Newly diagnosed OCD

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Newly diagnosed OCD

Postby sophamelia » Sun Jan 05, 2020 3:46 am

I’m new here but needed some where to vent and get some advice as I don’t feel comfortable doing it elsewhere. I’ve recently been diagnosed with ocd, it’s very new and makes
Me feel uncomfortable because it’s hard to get my head around it being a mental illness and it’s being common, as I’ve felt so alone the last year dealing with obsessive/intrusive thoughts and images & rituals, I’ve done a fair amount of research so I understand the condition a lot better but I still feel quite alone. My dad has suffered with untreated ocd my whole life and it baffled me for so long & because me and my dad have very different thoughts/compulsions it makes it hard to get my head around my own ocd. Is it’s normal to be so certain you were just a monster and then be told it’s an illness. I have a lot a lot shame around the images and thoughts and not quite ready to be open about them but I’d just like some advice on dealing with it, managing symptoms & therapy and medication that has helped.
If you read that ramble thank you! Any support will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Newly diagnosed OCD

Postby rsxo » Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:30 pm

Welcome :)
RSxo <3

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