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Struggling to find point

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:59 pm
by redlotus
Hi, I'm a suffered of chronic anxiety and depression, I have been struggling with both for roughly 18 years. I take antidepressants and have regular therapy, recently through therapy I have removed a lot of my old unhelpful coping strategies and unrealistic expectations but this has left me largely feeling hopeless and lacking point to life. I now find that suicidal thoughts are very prominent and I'm scared that if I continue this way and can't find a reason or the strength to pull myself out of this I could dip even lower and hurt myself.
Has anyone else ever felt this way? I feel so weak and almost angry that this is my life and I have to keep fighting my own brain in order to survive every day.
I just want to feel less alone. And that someone has felt this way and survived.