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(TRIG) Not sure I've much time left.

For when you're feeling particularly vulnerable...
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(TRIG) Not sure I've much time left.

Postby zena » Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:15 pm

Nothing to cling to.
Nothing that matters now.
I've been knocking on the door for so long.
I am untreatable, and utterly pointless now.
Today I bought razorblades.
I have all the means and all the desire.
There is no help.
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Re: Not sure I've much time left.

Postby upwards-is-the-aim » Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:40 pm

Well razor blades for wrist cutting are shit

So dont waste your time on that one

You have not said what the problem is - but maybe that is on another forum post

So go on open up and let us know

You are at the right place

It is a not a telephone pace of exchange for that you need the samaritans

And remember - if it gets close - just run - go anywhere
Have some cash to hand and cards
And just run
Hotel - Sit in a train station through the night etc etc
Just run
Trying to help and be supportive to others on this forum is one of my attempts to reduce my own depression. Getting ourselves out of our own head circles is usually a good thing to do. Maybe try it yourself

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Re: Not sure I've much time left.

Postby bobbyw96 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:03 pm

Hello lovely. You are talking to a survivor of depression, my attempts at suicide have only left me worse off. On thing I want you to know, there is always another day. No matter how awful and alone you feel at the worst points in your depression, you can always see another day. You are here on this forum because depression and suicide is a scary thing to face, but no matter what you do, just give the world one more day. We are all here because we have a battle to face. You are strong enough to come here and ask for that help. Talk to us. Let us know how we can be there and uplift you. Do not ever loose hope. There is always someone who can offer a helping hand.

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