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Where is the anger coming from???

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Where is the anger coming from???

Postby Simba » Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:24 am

I'm having a bad spell with my depression at the moment but today is a really bad day. I feel so angry with everything and I am in no way an angry person. I'm the opposite, I'm quiet and avoid confrontation, never loose temper or shout. I feel like a different person. What's wrong with me ?

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Re: Where is the anger coming from???

Postby MythEagle » Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:08 pm

Hi SImba
You are not alone in this. I too get insanely angry at times when I am usually the first to dive for cover at the sign of an argument. I can only speak for myself of course, but in my case I know that some of my anger comes from repressing my opinion.

All my life I have been stifled, as a child I was meant to be "seen and not heard" and as my opinion only came out in adolescence in what might well be called tantrums - I'd break things, doors, furniture, and I'd hurt myself I learned that voicing an opinion was dangerous.

Instead of learning to speak my mind in a calm manner I took the message "You shouldn't speak, you're thoughts are stupid, you shouldn't ever have an opinion." So now I find that if I have an opinion that differs from others I think that I am wrong. Wrong = stupid, stupidity = anger, anger =self harm.... and you can imagine where the vicious circle leads for me.

Do you have any means to get rid of the anger? Vigorous exercise, or a really long walk helps me. SOme people recommend tearing up a really thick book - the yellow pages is good for that. Does writing it down help you? Screaming along to your favourite pissed off song? Finding an outlet for your anger is critical until you are in a place where you can work on why you were getting angry in the first place.

I'm around for a bit it you want to shout and scream on here.

You are braver than you think, and stronger than you know.

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Re: Where is the anger coming from???

Postby Simba » Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:23 pm

hi ME
Thanks for your reply.
Not being able to speak out does make sense to me. I was a very reserved child, with an aggressive, loud, older brother. I have always been, shy, and insecure. Not thinking what I had to say was worth hearing.
Years of turbulent relationships confounded the self esteem problems.

I've never let go of anger, shouted, smashed things, nothing. Not even when it would be appropriate to feel angry.

I've battled depression for many years but never felt like this. now I have this knot if anger and frustration and everything is winding me up. I want to scream or cry all the time.

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