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Wheres My Where My Where ?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:11 am
by Zardos
i had a fascinating day yesteryou.. yesterme.. yesterday.. but i can't remember... if Jessica Fletcher or Peter Falk... a hansom yellow bird... 50 shades of Dorian.......

yesterme.. yesteryou.. yesterday.. all my troubles seems so far away...

focus !!!..... what the both of us ?

... .... ... ...#

ya know a kaleidoscope... its like having the barrel of one them shoved down neatly over your head... its starts to spin around and around faster faster... the only way out (*not true) is as its spinning... thrust you arms out each side and push till the friction slows it down... hurts like a bugger... when you got it stopped... there one single moment to get out..

drive a stake through the delusion.. and nail it back to reality !!!

i won't lie to you... the options here ain't great....

(time passes)

oh yeah.... i'm now outta sleeping pills again... and i have a head ache life you wouldn't believe..


Re: Wheres My Where My Where ?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:37 am
by Zardos
oh !!!!!

the most important thing.. i forgot to tell.. well lots really..

A) i remember were jasmine is from

B) i found to possible two ways to break a perfect paradox.. it never bin done... the second is a jip.. so i don't like it. so can't use to..

The first ? the first is so exciting, it could be whats freaking my out... in my entire life this is as close as i have ever been to doing this... its actually hard for me to think about.. i don't want to look at it.... what if i'm right ???

this get deeper by the minute...

i don't know what to do......