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Re: church tonight - testimonies - trig

Postby judithj » Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:16 am

the thing is with these sort of testimonies is that you only hear from those who are feeling better. by definition these are self-selected, because they feel able to go and are predisposed to join in with the general atmosphere. no-one's going to stand up amongst a crowd of people who claim they've been healed and say "Well, whatever the rest of you feel, i still feel c**p", are they?
don't get me wrong, i'm a Christian and i believe that healing can happen. however, i would differentiate between "healing" and "cure". Healing can be what goes on in the mind and soul, rather than the body, so someone with a physical condition can be healed (perhaps by achieving peace of mind which can make them feel better) but not be cured (they still have the physical condition). Emotional pain often comes from what others have chosen to do in our lives, and that takes time, treatment and understanding to heal. on the whole, there is no instant or supernatural cure for emotional pain, because that pain is serving a purpose - to help us understand ourselves, hugs, Judith xxx

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