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Depressed? Trig.

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Depressed? Trig.

Postby dasroots » Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:49 am

I feel sadness all the time. Just this horrible feeling. I don't get mood swings anymore. Havnt had one for a year or so. So they took me off my mood stabilisers four months ago. since I've felt constant sadness. Is this 'normal'? Is this depression? I'm low I'm consently thinking of sucidie. (planning, ideas). It feels as through I have no control over this.

This is just the mood. Then there are the voices and visions Telling me to hurt myself. Reinforcing the mood bit.

As a newly dx diabetic. I sore the nurse up the gp's. I told her my fear that I had too much insulin and was scared I would OD. She was really rude to me. She told me if I wanted to kill myself it was my choice and she couldn't stop me but I would def die and I would be alone. She then went on to say that if I wanted help and wanted to be looked after and caried for on hospital then doing that would kill me not get me that. She was suggesting I was attention seeking. All I wanted was less insulin at home.

Now I'm not sure if this has come from my gp whom I thought I could trust. Or it's just this nurse. But I feel really bad about it all.

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Re: Depressed? Trig.

Postby caz » Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:45 pm

heya your post and i truly know (not think) that your nurse was out of order...being newly diagnosed you will have some fear in thinking you are going to OD on your there another nurse you could see or explain to your gp what has happened.

i hope you will be okay hun

hugs xx
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