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For meme

Postby tic » Mon Mar 03, 2008 7:44 pm


Memories down deep inside of me,
laying fermented, waiting,
wanting to come to the surface.
Boiling, bubbling, like an acid
threatening to explode,
eating away at my soul.
Foul, wormlike substances
creeping, crawling it's
way into the ebbs of my mind.

Pop! Pop! Pop!
Acid bubbles pop!
Giving me jagged fragments
of my past and the horrors
that were kept silent.
Dark, dank embers,
fire-like, demon-like sparks
that threaten to burn me,
hurt me, make me feel the pain, the fear.
Reliving once again the past
that I blocked out in order to survive.

The same past that the little girl
inside me lived through with
resounding strength and courage.
So much for such a little girl to
carry the heavy load alone.
I will rely on that little girl so
brave and unbroken
to lend me the strength and the courage
I will need to face the acid memories,
to face the fear that I feel
when I look into the faces
of the ghosts of my past.
The little girl lived it,
I only have to face the memories.
Somehow she survived, as I will now.

Tammy Wade Copyright 2006

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Re: For meme

Postby craziememe » Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:29 pm

hey tic,
what a strong poem.......... so sad but so true......thank you xx

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