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Making a badge to alert others of mental health

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Making a badge to alert others of mental health

Postby leanne99 » Thu May 02, 2019 6:38 pm

Hi, my name is Leanne. (I've never made a forum chat so please bare with me haha)

I have come up with an idea for people who suffer a wide range of mental health disorders. I'm not sure if this has been done or anyone has suggested ideas like this. But mental health awareness hasn't made a big enough impression on the country as much as say cancer research or British heart foundation etc. And I think it's time that more people knew about this and make the whole country and maybe even world understand this subject a little bit more.

I came up with the idea after a rather tragic situation. It happened one day when me and my grandmother (who sufferes with mental health) were walking back home from town. Sometimes gran has moments when she feels rather up beat and happy and so she started to sing to one of her old favourite songs. As we were walking, 2 teenage boys (approx 17 hoods up and potentially rather intimidating looking)started to mock my grandma singing, trying to impersonate her, laughing at her and saying mean comments as they walked past. Of course I couldnt hold my tongue and shouted back at them to defend my gran. But to think, if I wasnt there and gran was singing. How would she feel after something like that?

So I thought it would be a good idea to create some form of pin badge (or a card for people who may not want to publicly display it) that people with mental disorders can wear. So that when its worn, people who see it can recognise the symbol and may make them become more aware. For example if my gran had worn a symbolic badge and the teenagers recognised it. Maybe they would have kept quiet and not mocked her.
But it could also help stop judgement. Because mental disorders aren't something that you can physically see. Were as if you were in a wheel chair, or had a physical impairment people can see that and so they think before they speak (generally) and are treated with more respect. So if someone who has a mental disorder and wore a badge, then that is something for someone to see, to make them aware.

It could also bring a profit to charities. As we could create 2 forms of badges. One with a specific logo for the person who has the disability and another separate but similar logo for mental health supporters. So we could form a day of the year to celebrate mental health awareness and sell supporting badges or items, and the money raised can be funded towards places and companies that help people who suffer.

Also, it may also help people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. As many stories have been read, heard or told, lots of people suffer with the condition of panic attacks. Sometimes it becomes so overwhelming it's almost like having a heart attack. So people may presume that they could be having a heart attack and so call for a paramedic. Now think if the person who was having the attack was wearing a badge, the paramedics would realise instanyly that it's a panic attack and can treat it as such straight away. However if the person was having an actual heart attack then create a signal the person can use to indicate the paramedic if otherwise.

So far they are my basic general ideas for this campaign if you will, and potentially an investment idea. If j could get some feedback on what people think about my idea or would know of anyone I could email or process this idea to, to take action on it. Please let me know. Thank you

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Re: Making a badge to alert others of mental health

Postby betterinrecovery » Sun May 19, 2019 8:23 am

Dear Leanne99,
Why not contact Sane directly and speak to them about your ideas? Also you could check out what Sane and other mental health charities are doing to change the general public's understanding and views. This is Mental Health Awareness Month after all :)

There have been some very, very good programmes on the BBC this week about mental health challenges and how people in the public eye deal with things.

Who would have known that Nadiya Hussain had mental health challenges or David Harewood even?

I very much think that schools are also now doing more to help young people take care of their mental health. I suspect that the young people you met that day have difficulties in their own lives and homes...they seem not to have the skills of being able to value and appreciate their elders or people who are different from them.

Hope this helps ... a bit. But like I say, why not join Sane or another group and share your ideas?

Best Wishes

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