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Poem - Failure (self harm, anorexia, distress)

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Poem - Failure (self harm, anorexia, distress)

Postby vitafragilis » Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:18 pm

Sometimes it seems like everything I try to do goes wrong;
As if I'm singing, but keep forgetting the words of the song.
I try so hard to do what's right and make them all so proud;
But inside I feel like screaming - violent, long and loud.
I eat the meals to please them, ignoring the voice that says:
"Every mouthful that you eat has a price you'll have to pay."
The price, for me, seems much too high so eating I must stop.
My stomach is so swollen that I fear that soon I'll pop.
I try to be optimistic - to believe it'll work out right;
But it's hard to feel that way in the long and lonely night.
My arms, my legs, my stomach, are marked with cuts, and burned;
The visible signs of the scream inside - emotions to pain are turned.
I'm so mixed up within, not knowing what's for the best.
I long to close my eyes, go to sleep, or die, to rest.
When I feel I can't endure, I remind myself that my record for getting through bad days so far is 100%, and that's pretty good.

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