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Re: bbc 4 john cooper clarke TRIG

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:15 am
by oobydoobie
marmite wrote:There is a fine line between what some people find humorous and others find offensive.
Clearly that particular post crossed your boundaries Ooby. I apologise if you found it offensive
and I can understand that some people would find it so.

Tell me, is tit-for-tat and the personal attacks that you so rightly abhor, the right way to handle it though? Possibly talking things through in an adult fashion is better?

The thing is DC didn't make a personal attack. I wasn't personally greatly offended by that catsuit etc post,though i thought it inappropriate for these forums, but was just pointing out it was as potentially offensive, or more so, to some as what you were condemning DC for posting.

If we are to condemn posts for possible offensiveness to others let us at least be consistent in that process.

Re: bbc 4 john cooper clarke TRIG

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:18 am
by deadchick07

Re: bbc 4 john cooper clarke TRIG

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:49 am
by deadchick07
not everyone reacts the same. like you said, they were lengthy. i couldnt take them in, i did rely to your first post.

There does seem to be a general style of posting here on this board, probably because we all experience diffent mental health problems. Some people recover from a reactive low in a matter of days. other people, with their illnesses with a true psychotic root, may take many days, weeks or months to get out of their low or high.

maybe i am expecting far too much from the people on this board.

I have tried a diagnosis specific board and found it ok, where people really "got" my problems.

there was no infighting or bitching or bullying.

this board is different, its like yin and yang. the good bits are good, I have made lifelong friends on this board, and yet I have been visciously attacked a few years back that resulted in me calling the police in.

it's too mixed. I right now can't cope with how I am not considered delicate enough to give a shit how i respond to attacks, how I am fair game, yet others posts have absolutely nothing to do with must be treated with kid gloves. I can't cope with how no one can see this as injust or unfair.

I will leave this board with a sorry heart, but frankly, it has changed beyond it's initial mission statement.

it has become somewhere to come and laugh, and have a sideways swipe, it is social media, not support. it has become trivial and responses to people in real distress are trivialised.

remember me when Im gone.