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Info help for family therapy please

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Info help for family therapy please

Postby lucym » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:58 pm


I’m looking for information on family therapy. I’m not sure where to start looking. I live an hour and half away from my family so distance is an issue.

Also not all my family are willing to come along. My dad has finally agreed but my sister doesn’t want to go because she feels it won’t work. I understand her point of view and her reasons for it, we mostly think my dad is a narcissist and even I am sceptical about his reasons for agreeing to go, but I’m willing to try and I think I understand that we don’t all have to be present all the time.

It still feels quite a difficult line to tread. My mum and dad have been divorced for years so I don’t think she needs to be there really but both my mum and my sister are trying to convince me to get my stepmum to come along, even though they won’t go?! It seems emotionally the situation is quite confusing already. You may not be surprised to read I have been going to therapy myself for 3 and half years now! :roll:

Anyway, any practical advice on where to look would be helpful.


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Re: Info help for family therapy please

Postby breatheinandout » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:53 pm

Hello lucym,
Sounds brilliant, guess its not surprising not everyone wants to take part, its a big step. hope your sister comes round. its hard to bring up stuff and talk about it, so there may be a lot behind her reasons...

I'm not entirely sure re how you access it... would you be happy to go through your current care team eg your GP? or if you're under a community team, they would be able to refer you for family therapy. there will be waiting lists I guess, but even if they can't see you, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Or your previous therapist may be a good resource, I've heard you can self refer to CBT like things through IAPT (not sure what it stands for!) so that might be worth googling for your area.

Also wondering if they can do it over the phone or skype if distance is an issue. though being in the same room helps doesn't it.

There may be some pointers on the association of family therapists
I just found this too which looks interesting, if you can all get into London

Sending hugs
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