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Mental Health Issue or just plain inexplicable events

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Mental Health Issue or just plain inexplicable events

Postby neppymum » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:41 pm

I have had three experiences that my friend now says were mental illness.

1. Detailed premonition when I was teenage.
2. Accurate mind reading but only worked with one person and on 1 occasion in my 20's.
3. Unexplained footstep sounds in an empty disused mine heard by 3 people in my 30's.

I don't quite understand this because there were witnesses to all of them

    so I can't see how a mental illness could enable me to describe my premonition in minute detail to people who eventually witnessed the actual event the next day.

    I do not understand how it could make me able to tell people in one room what objects someone else was concentrating on in another room consistently for over 20 mins.

    and I can't see how mental illness can make 4 people all hear footsteps in a disused mine when there was no-one else in the mine.

However, all my friends say it is schizophrenia. How does this work? I am loathed to go to my doctor because I am not sufficiently certain my friends are expert enough to be correct. Also these things were all between 50 and 20 years ago. Also I believe that some doctors are believers in inexplicable events without mental illness, so might think I am wasting their time.

Any constructive comments welcome.

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Re: Mental Health Issue or just plain inexplicable events

Postby amaya » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:11 pm

I also had a premonition when I was younger. I have had lots of interesting explanations for myself through the years. Now I am happy to think that the mind is a wonderfully complex thing, capable of producing future ideas from many small pieces of information unconsciously and presenting them to the conscious mind in exciting ways. I don't think my experience means much more than I am sensitive.

The same with mind reading. It is very hard to prove the absolute lack of some kind of information transfer. There are a million ways our minds assimilate sensory information that we are unaware of. If it is not repeatable it is unlikely to be an ESP ability, but equally unlikely to be a sign of mental illness.

The footsteps in a mine.. unless you are all mine workers, accustomed to the usual way sounds are perceived underground in enclosed spaces.. then I would suggest that this is a case of your brains receiving some sound information, not recognising it, and interpreting it into something familiar. The fact that you all did it together it also not surprising. This kind of thing occurs in groups all the time.

I really don't think these are related to each other even.

The fact that you are thinking about it so much, years after the events, may say more about your mental state than the things you are thinking about. How do you feel in yourself, if you ignore these more obvious moments of usualness? Are you comfortable with yourself, your life.. or are things hard work?

It never hurts to go to the doctor. Unless they are going to do something painful without anesthesia of course haha

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