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New Partner with anxiety

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 4:19 pm
by jlo1983
Hi All

Im new to forum and Iam looking for a little help

I started 'seeing' someone at the start march, we have known each other for years through work but started talking and messaging more earlier this year and started to see each other when we could.

she was very upfront about not being ready for anything , but was happy to see where it went , i was happy with the situation as i wasnt long out of a relationship. She was also very upfront regarding her anxiety from very early on.

Anyway the relationship was going great , seeing each other ,talking everyday ,messaging. I was so happy at finding this sweetheart that i hadnt looked at in that way before !

Easter sunday we had organised to do some work on her house. I arrived early and we lay in bed for while before i was dragged downstairs by her being giddy to see what the easter bunny had left me, followed by doing the work we had planned , at some point in the day i caught her staring at me ,in a way that you know someone has feeling for you , that night i got a message thanking me and she appreciated everything not just the that day...... the following day i was told she was having a bad day.......

The next 5 days were very strained , not much convo ect. on the saturday she invited me for coffee and a chat . we was hugging on sofa when i noticed she was crying , she then tells me she cant do it anymore because
its not you its me
im messed up
you can do so much better

i left because i had plans , we did more talking an she said she didnt know what she wanted . I said i wanted to be there for her ,i asked if she had feelings for me, she said she did , so i said im going nowhere. we spent the weekend together.

since then its been a mixed bag of slow messaging 1 way calls and cute picture loads of messaging and normal calls.

she had a bad weekend last weekend and plans cancelled , i said it was ok , plans can be canx/changed

she doesnt really open up , but i know a previous break up ha scaused alot of the issues she has .

im just a little lost in what to do?

Should i leave her to sort out? (i want to be there for her as i think she awesome)