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personality disorder and pseudo psychosis

If you're concerned about, or care for, someone with mental illness
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personality disorder and pseudo psychosis

Postby freeurselfandmind » Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:42 pm

Hi all,
I have just joined this site and forum in order to help my son. I don’t know much about what he has being diagnosed with, although I have been doing some research over the passed 2 days, since he got the results. He illness was caused or should I say triggered by a car accident and death of a cyclist.(he was just the passenger)
Anyway, since that point he has been struggling to cope with life(the normal stuff) I realised that he was suffering more than just shock, when he seemed to lose his temper really badly over the silliest thing. So I pushed him to see the doctor and medical adviser.
So he had BPD with this pseudo Psychosis, and it seems to be mine field, as apparently can be miss diagnosed.. or unclear to prove it totally.. bit like the chicken and egg senecio. He has been put on 50mg of sertraline, then will be going up to 100mg after he has gotten used to the drugs.
Just a background thing, I do have OCD and depression myself on and off, and also use sertraline but only 25mg/50mg at worst.
Really, I’m looking for any advice how to help my son long term, and give him the best chance of being able to cope in the future... as any parent will know, we don’t want to leave this world knowing that your child isnt settled.

Many thanks for reading this... I’m happy to respond and answer questions, as I may have missed some important info.

Currently.. he will be seeing someone from MIND through the NHS.. (UK)

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Re: personality disorder and pseudo psychosis

Postby supportivewife » Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:45 pm

Hi freeurselfandmind,
So sorry to hear what your son has went through so far. I don't really have many words of wisdom as have no experience of Psychosis, but my husband has Mixed Personality Disorder and is in his 50's. So I realise that dealing with him will be quite different to dealing with your son's age group.

With the anger that my husband experiences at the slightest thing, I try and validate his feelings by listening to him and showing empathy, but not necessarily agreeing with him, but just showing that I am acknowledging what he is saying/thinking as he gets annoyed by people not listening to him and ignoring things that he has said. I am sure that you do listen to your son already and support him all you can so I am probably telling you something that you know already. I try also not to write off his feelings of anger as what he is feeling is very real to him.

Also one thing to do is look after yourself also as caring for someone with a Personality Disorder can be very challenging at times so it is important for you to check in with family/friends and take some time for yourself to pursue what you enjoy doing for your own physical/mental well-being.

It is really good that he is going to receive some support from MIND. I hope it all goes well for him and wish you both all the very best. Sorry I can't be of more help to you, but I'm sure others who are more experienced will post some advice/info too. Best Wishes, Aileen. x

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Re: personality disorder and pseudo psychosis

Postby prycejosh1987 » Sat Jul 18, 2020 5:28 pm

Hi freeurselfandmind

The best thing you can do, is relive his ordeal subtly by talking about it. Because to have success with him is to cut off this trigger. As with all triggers, the more the trigger is pressed the more easier it is to fire the gun.

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