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My mum suffers with schizophrenia

If you're concerned about, or care for, someone with mental illness
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My mum suffers with schizophrenia

Postby alexcaroline » Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:28 pm


I am writing to ask for advice on the mental health of my mum. Our family feels a bit hopeless as so far it seems that there is not much we can do. She has been showing strong symptoms of paranoia and schizophrenia since the last two years, they have worsened over time and few days ago she has assaulted the landlady. She has been arrested, had a court case on Monday and it seems like for now she has been let go but the case is still in process. Two years ago she has been taken by police to the Langley green mental health hospital in Crawley and assessed as not being in a state bad enough for hospital, so she has been let go after midnight. We were hoping that since it has come to assault on someone now purely because of many of her delusions, the court might order to get my mum sectioned and treated. She has been experiencing symptoms such as talking to her phone, seeing a flashing light on the phone as an approval of what she has to do, mentioning that a person called John changes into many different people, he is her son but at the same time father as well as our biological father not being one at all. She says that everyone is plotting against her, trying to kill her, poison her and that she has a lot of children as she has been a surrogate when she was a child. Over the period of maybe 1,5 years her and my dad have been getting kicked out of 8 places due to her paranoias and issues with people. She seems to think that every house they have lived in belongs to her (she has been making copies of keys or never returning them back) and that Queen Elizabeth is her mother. She isn’t willing to get treated as she thinks that she is fine and everyone else needs treatment. It seems that now we have to wait for something bad to happen, as in her assaulting someone in public, as that is what police suggested. I am just hoping that you can advise that maybe something has been missed out and there might be an option to get her treated somehow or section her.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hopefully hear from you soon.

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