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Girlfriend has left me and blocked me again

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Girlfriend has left me and blocked me again

Postby jim23 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:11 am

My girlfriend yesterday ended our relationship again. There is a constant push pull dynamic. One minute she seems settled and happy the next we have an argument and it's the end of the world and she leaves me. She moved in with me a couple of months ago but about a week later she moved back home. She said she didn't feel comfortable there. I was devastated that she had left, it had been her idea in the first place to move in. After a while she gradually started moving her stuff back in to my house and I let her as I wanted her to move in. She's lasted about another week before an argument has triggered her to again pack all her stuff up and leave. Since then I have been let in some sort of limbo where she says she needs her own space. The uncertainty of it all has affected me and we ended up fighting again over messages. She did what she does regularly and has blocked me now on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. .Its making me anxious now and I've never been an anxious person. I've read up and she displays a lot of the characteristics of someone with BPD. I'm not saying she has this but there's a lot of similarities. I adore the girl but the chaos and uncertainty are outweighing the good at the minute. I feel like she's not that bothered about me and seems happy to block me, leave me and shows no real remorse for it afterwards. We have been together about 15 months. I think her previous relationships have followed a similar pattern. I want to help her but don't think I can anymore.

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Re: Girlfriend has left me and blocked me again

Postby charlierose » Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:49 pm

How are things going for you now? I have a similar relationship dynamic with my boyfriend - constant push/pull with him leaving then coming back. He’s finally left for good this time, after we moved to a new country where he has support but I have none.
Love to hear from you

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