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Help? exbf problems.

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Help? exbf problems.

Postby hlkwd1 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:25 pm

Me and my ex boyfriend were together for several years but over time, his increasingly strong opinions and ideals became a big issue in our relationship. I decided to break it off just over a year ago, but we have stayed close. Since then, things have only got worse and he has developed an obsession with his health. He was always health conscious e.g. watching what he ate , exercising regularly, despite his already small frame. He has also always been a heavy drug user, mainly cannabis but ranging across a wide variety of psychedelics and hallucinogens. Over the last year, he has contacted me almost daily, telling me of all his ailments which began with trouble sleeping (night sweats, terrors, etc.) and have progressed more recently to lumps under his skin, kidney and stomach pain, panic attacks, dietary issues. You name it, he's probably had it. He has been to see a string of doctors and physicians, and had many tests done, who have all found nothing wrong with him. He is now paying for private care because he is convinced they are wrong. I thought this was just an extreme case of hyperchrondria, but recently I saw him after a very long time and was shocked to see how much weight he has lost. Considering he was quite skinny last time I saw him, it looks as though he's lost half his body weight, and is obsessing more about his eating habits than I have ever seen. He also regularly talks about how he struggles to live happily and often thinks of death. I am concerned he may be trying to make himself ill to prove a point. I have broached the idea of seeing a psychiatrist with him, but he is less than convinced and his family are oblivious to everything. It's got to the point now where I am secondguessing myself whether he may actually be ill and I feel very torn. What should I do?!

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