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Postby HELP » Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:34 pm

My 42 y.o. son was diagnosed some 3 yrs ago with schizophrenia although he is complete denial and says there is nothing wrong with him apart from he is severely depressed. He has been sectioned 3 times and is currently out on a CTO which will finish soon. As far as I am aware he is having monthly injections for his condition which he says do nothing to help him anyway and although he doesn't tell me much I also believe he has monthly meetings with a psychologist.
He has told the Mental Health Team that they are to have no contact with me whatsoever as he blames me for the last 2 sections because I have interacted with them.

Usually he spends more time at our house (my husband & I) than he does his own and eats at ours too. On Saturday last, my daughter and granddaughter arrived unexpectedly and slept over until Sunday afternoon, my 18 y.o. grandson also called on Sunday and stayed until 90:30pm and last night I called at my other Son's home to wish my granddaughter a happy 16th birthday. As my Son tends to leave when anyone else is around, the consequence was that he spent more time on his own this week-end than he usually would. I am wondering if this is the reason for the following.

When I arrived home last night at 8:15pm I expected (as per usual) that my Son would be at my home waiting for me to find him a dinner but he was not there. I tried to 'phone him but his 'phone was off the hook so at 9pm I just cooked for myself. He arrived at 9:30pm looking totally 'spaced out' slurring his words, dribbling and having difficulty keeping his balance. I tried to talk with him - I have never seen him like this before - but all he would say is that he was very tired and had had 3 strong beers and a sleeping tablet and nothing was wrong and that if something was wrong then it's not my problem. I gave him something to eat and he by 10:45pm wanted to go home so as I couldn't get hm to sleep at ours I drove him home (5 mins. away).

He called at our home this morning at 10 to 9 (usually he arrives at about 10:30am) and his condition was much the same - he doesn't seem to have improved overnight so whereas I thought he might be drunk I just don't know now. My husband & I tried several times to hold a conversation with him but he just got upset and left for home at about 1pm - my husband walked with him to his flat door but he refused to let his dad in (he had told me earlier that I can't go round there as his place is like XXXX.

What do I do???? If I talk to the Mental Health Team I know they will section him again and he has said this morning if they section him he will kill himself. Is this a relapse??? I find this so frightening, am scared for my Son and I really don't know what to do. I am hoping that he will call again tonight and he will have improved. If anyone can offer me advice on this I would be most grateful.

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Postby AndreR » Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:24 pm

HELP wrote:'spaced out' slurring his words, dribbling and having difficulty keeping his balance. 3 strong beers and a sleeping tablet. Is this a relapse???


A relapse in itself may often be triggered by recalling unwanted events, memories, at times maybe an unconscious action, which could lead to experiencing heightened existing symptoms. The triggers may not be the same for everyone therefore each person may experience triggers to their own individuality.

Regarding your son's alcohol mix with sleeping tablets, (and possibly not being aware fully of the intake amount) may have had an adverse effect leading to his excessive behaviour changes as you had described. If this mix has had an effect on his stability of mind, medication controlling his symptoms may have been affected, that could have resulted in a partial return of Schizophrenia symptoms, triggering a possible relapse effect.

Of course you may need to check with his GP, health professional or mental health team for an accurate and confirmed clarification.

As you can respect direct advice cannot be provided as to how to proceed from here, but if you have sole responsibility for him, then to consider what actions you feel you need to take in order to help ensure his safety. Of course he may respond in a way to reject any help you may offer and may find yourself having to make difficult decisions when he denies to you all awareness of his symptoms.

Its not easy, to try help as you hope to, to decide what would be the best course of action, Medication is often the main contribution with schizophrenia to help offer some suppression, control and balance, outside of medication therapy may help with the understanding and coping methods, but as the problem lies within the mind, your son may struggle to cope alone not knowing the reality of his thoughts and behaviours.

You may have to make decisions, difficult at times, but maybe to remember that what ever actions you decide to take has been done with care for him, for the best possible outcome believed at any time, for your sons safety and welfare.

I expect the MH team would only section him after carrying out an assessment of his conditions, behaviours and state of mind.

I hope you may come to make the right decision if need too, and you son regains a level of balance soon. Consider keeping others around you supportive and not to take all the pressure alone.

Feel free to talk anytime you wish too.

Take care

Do it...Afraid.

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Postby stressed » Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:34 pm

I just wanted to say what a lovely thoughtful reply.

I know it's a long time since your original post...but my Brother has schizophrenia and quite often the monthly depot injection can cause side effects like slurring of words, and dribbling. At first we mistook these side effects from the medication as being caused by him being drunk.
We also found out that he was being prescribed massive amount of Diazepam whilst under section (possibly to make him more controllable)...though this can not be proved.
Drinking beer, having a sleeping pill and his antipsychotic meds were probably not a recommended mix...but it is hard and unfair to try and make all Schizophrenics non alcohol drinkers!

As the previous poster says you must do in your head and heart what you feel is best, even if it is not easy to do.

Try and remember that the Mental Health Team probably do want the same...and that a change in behaviour does not mean your Son will be automatically sectioned again x

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