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Been stabbed in the back by my own CBT Therapist!

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Been stabbed in the back by my own CBT Therapist!

Postby angels-army » Mon Jun 14, 2021 7:35 pm

Hi all, what a year I have had when it comes to last year and now this year because since: 05/05/2020 (during the first UK Lockdown) I have been diagnosed with having Asthma which is a type of lung disease, no thanks to an innocent coughing cold that I had for: 9 weeks like I sadly usually get each year!; which triggered off my Asthma as thankfully after I had a Covid-19 swab test it came back negative.

Since yesterday morning (13/06/2021) my very own grandmother turned my CBT Therapist against me even though I did her a favour of allowing her to see my CBT Therapist for years now, because my grandmother is still finding it very difficult in dealing with her senile dementia as she sees things that are not real and thinks that her own family are turning against her including me which is just untrue!

Because my grandmother managed to manipulate and brainwash my CBT Therapist (due to telephoning her) into thinking that I had locked my grandmother out of her own home, so my CBT Therapist text messaged me by saying that my grandmother sounded distressed and would I let her in as you know how mentally ill and frail she is and then threatened me by saying if I did not she would call the police, to force me into letting my grandmother into her own home.

Then continued to bomb me with other slanderous text messages by also accusing me of harassing and threatening my own grandmother who is frail which cannot be allowed to happen, as otherwise she will get the police to safe guard my grandmother and if I do not stop, there will be big trouble mister! then more than an hour later my CBT Therapist continued to slander my name and reputation by asking me if my own grandmother need medical attention??

My CBT Therapist did not like reading my sarcastic text message reply as I put them straight by saying “you call yourself a CBT Therapist but you do not know how to diagnose or deal with a person with senile dementia, because my grandmother had locked herself out of her own home and could not find her front door key which was in her trouser pocket all along!, so yes I did naturally let her in again but please feel free to call the police as they will just laugh at your slanderous text messages especially when you slanderously accused me of threatening and harassing my own grandmother who is frail!

How you can accuse me of harassing and threatening my own grandmother is beyond me!, are you sure you do not have dementia as well?, she does not need to be safe guarded by the police as she needs to be locked up in a Mental Health Hospital and I also know someone else who needs to follow as well and that she was not the only one who needed psychological medical attention!, as you can imagine I did not receive a text message reply as my CBT Therapist went all quiet on me and did not even have the respect to apologise to me for their slanderous remarks!

Even though for years I have been telling my CBT Therapist that my family as a whole treats me like the runt of a litter including my mentally ill grandmother, just because I am a good person who respects others but them on the other hand are evil and poisonous narcissistic psychopaths who deliberately causes fights within our family and at least half of our family have moved abroad to be able to completely disown our family and as I am one of life’s losers and victims I have been unable to move on with my life even to be able to disown my own evil and poisonous family which includes my own grandmother therefore I am forced to endure it!

What do you think I should do with my life? as I do not know what to do anymore because I am always stuck between a rock and a hard place therefore I cannot be freed!, should I start off by removing my CBT Therapist from my life?

Thank you all for taking the time in reading this and I look forward to your replies.

All the very best and take care,


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