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Apprehension of Upcoming CMHT Appointment

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Apprehension of Upcoming CMHT Appointment

Postby ashers86 » Wed May 19, 2021 8:43 am


I’m new here but had mental health issues for 20+ years. I took an overdose back in January and the CMHT decided 5 days later to discharge me after “signposting” me to other organisations who could offer me support. Said organisation have waiting lists as long as your arm and so I was left with no where to turn and again took an overdose in March. My GP has referred me back to the CMHT and I finally have an appointment this Friday but I feel so let down by them (there have been many other examples over the past 8 years) that the suicidal thoughts and planning have ramped back up to 11 and it’s all about the nervousness of trusting these morons with my mental health which they just repeatedly make worse. It feels like the GP and A&E staff just keep sending me back to and abusive partner to get another kicking only to end up back at their door begging not to be sent back once again.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can stop myself from feeling so apprehensive of the CMHT or whether anyone else has had similar problems with their CMHT and how you overcame the problems and managed to get some actual support from them?

Many thanks


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