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Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

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Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Mon May 25, 2020 7:32 am

I want to become poker player and be noticed and registered at mobhebndon i do now steps for it also make alternative scenarios if this idea would bo so long and in case collapses and moreover i incerease d washing in shower as i think is constructive and great.

Much Love:>
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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby rsxo » Thu May 28, 2020 8:38 pm

Heya :) Personally I'd advise against trying to become a 'poker player' - the risk is incredibly high and you need money to start with. Maybe look for a more stable job?
RSxo <3

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Mon Jun 01, 2020 12:58 pm

I live approximately 10 years in uk with sober brain at all time [beside one drank party].

I came back to school to study mechanics and grow bigger at many fields but i still have habit to compare with others [even i read chimp paradox to not compete with others]

I will tell you truth people in 80 percenteges of cases recognize I am polish and it takes first mintures of talk after obviously i want to be the best at everywhere and poker is one of field where i can be supported by my upbringing successes where young poker players from easter neurope are richer than me and achieved other successes connected with this game.

I took shower now and made all what i wanted to write about this in 15 minutes but as dinner time comes think will make rain check for that.

when i changed my phone and do not contact my destructive olders i created beutiful world around me full of love , support ,wealth and following jeff bezos words if you receive uncodnitional love you will be able to take risk [successfulyy].

I had bigger respect, safety, conditions during 2 weeks in jail than at my family homes as i did not have lucj with parents, family, olders where cut contacts work even more than great for wallet, wellbeing, high perofrmance and everything.

What my stepfather [from kurdistan originally ]told me better do not say as changing phone number was one of best idea as i told him and to my mother that if they approach me i will kill them and it was great step to create nice life full of support, cars, computers, spacecrafts, love and everything what is good.

My relationship with tru father were same bad .fortunately from many years i am independendt can be happy can eat read work drive car and everything.

I am personally after 33 street fights, karate course so i do not afraid of many things as when i was young due to my poor ,destructive uprbringing 2 people jump on my face .

Poker as long as I research trhoug books ,forum uses mathematics in many cases [probability of particular card configuration ].

and as long as i know beside being e-newspaper editor or programmer is one of the fastest way to go trugh nobilit yat wikipedia [great soruce of references and secondary sources approved by wikpedia notability ]

I noticed if i perform good [like for example launched rockets recently [models] i received praises and evne converted old enemies into friends[particular some engish racists].

It is cheaper and faster to become poker player than many professions as approved mob hebndon lists shows torunaments where entry fee cost 115 + more so after that you start to be poker player

Biggest travel i did in uk was approximately 200-300 miles.

If somebody start to make me alcoholic say bad rumours about or start to be abuse me i say you are not player for me and you go one on one with me people usually do not fight even i am short and step back.

I was called by one of my tenant that you are first guy from europe which i do not see drank, also one man told me i saw you doing mathematics which gives me optimism as my olders used to force me into social distortation, angry and alcoholism accosuing of their unlogical beliefs not mentioning of telling me that i should go hangmyself where in jail i was adviced not to be alone in one cell in case i hangmyself shows i did not have good start.

I should write here about my poor ubringing just about becoming poker player.

I wanted write more but after i will write supporting arguments.

Much Love:><
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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:11 pm

I told at reception that i plan to play /train poker receptionist answered me its luck i told him i do not think so but i am not professional poker player so i cant prov to him. Did not sleep from 5:30 in morning it is 22:00 so i think will go sleep soon and start after sleep.

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:13 am

Its going hard to be this poker player i escaped to excessive sleeping not mentioning of solving retrieval of money from 3 sources it is even more complicated.

Please support, motivate, help

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:25 am

I want to get into this tournament, mob hebndon list and wikipedia notabilty because of it in ease of spreading butter on bread.

I think wobbliness of praises of my former student about poker as "now you laugh at me and after he will be rich " is only one port of support, motivator to pursue this career and path and learning, coaching ideas.

Patterning, following FEdor Holz story modifiyng a bit [as I cant write that I am from supportive nice background but I should not make excuses in this field as i can cget support here other forums , fields or after virus go to councelling [even though social services told me there may be free councelling]

wanted to write more but struggling with everything genereally.

Writed this stub but plan to write much more especially about becoming poker-player and notability at wikipedia and other projects connected with it but which poker playing is leading idea which will causes notability.

Much love:< please support, motaivate.

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:52 am

After obligatory ,recommended cleaning i cant find second phone hair cutter and blue scissors.

I plan to concentrate much more on poker now than spacecrafs and rockets.

It is caused as much cheaper, easier and beneficial is to pursue poker playing than estblishing and taking profits from spacecrafts and rockets.

Moreover it can place closer into wikipedia in cheaper way in my opinion as one of first steps is mainstreaming poker challenges at twitch and asking to join partpoker team or other teams whom publish and are notified at wikipedia .

I received welder for 80 pound it is very useful tool but for now i make it rain check for it.

Welder can be useful 80 pound is not revolutionary price but may be needed in future but creating something like copenhagen suborbitals may be more difficult task either applying and succeeding at imperial collegge mayb be miuch more difficult than coming back to work or caming back to finish car mechanic course at barking and dagenham college.

Editing and submitins drafts at youtube is time consuming.

I am quite tired do not control sleeping patterns and amount but can recognize when sleep longer when sleep shorter.

I woke up 21:30 and I am active till 08:48 .

I think much more powerful mindset, motivator, and factor to pursue in poker researches and going to first tournament is following stories, age and journeys of poker players from wikipedia [for example :fedor holz]

Proceed with it in case sth happens to computer but wil lwrite more.

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Wed Jul 08, 2020 2:01 am

Hi guys invested in bigger screen and big amout of audio equipment up to 180 watts to improve my performance in field of poker accordign to one of youtubes movie that it should not be struggle but fun.. I live approximately 7-9 years in uk with total sober brain and true is that as human we loves to compete and chimp paradox words that "do not compete which other just do your best " are only cushion for failure.

Admiring some [most profiles] of people usually at my age or even 8 years younger motivates to improve performance in this field but also makes a bit worrie and personally forces a bit to escape in sleep [in my case] or take a nap.

I think i was charged even second month membership for pokercoaching here so i really want to transform into earning or gathering sources for wikipedia notability profile [following successes of fellows at my age or even younger [i mean here Dmitri Urbanovich or Dominik Panka]whom are younger than me not living in one of best countries in world so it is a bit motivating for me as living with total sober brain tranining many fields[matehamtics] having support from councellor motivcates to perform greatly but still results are not satisfactory.

It start to be my obsession as I feel I grow bigger in this and other fields but wants to have true results of it as spending 7-9 years in uk with almost total sober brain having great conditions ov lifing ,bigger support for successs and everything motivates that I should be even higher than Dmitri Urbanovitch as longs as We know we as human in true loves to compete with which other and be no.1

Wanted write more but will leave here for now, please support, motivate as I wish to have simmilar or even better profile like above mentioned players or even better. I finish now with utterance but will add more as I really prioritorize it.

It starts to be my prioritaire , and i should be quite confident in this fields as i invested in coaching, great audio system and now even received great tablet from vodafone [free] so also libing in uk when it is much better place to live where lives now Panka, Urbanovitch obligies and mobilize to perform better in this field especially that they are younger [Urbanovitch even 8 years younger than me probably richer living in bad place. I downloaded some software now downloading piosolver but making excuses some one of it is habit of gettin lay on bed as my eyes starts to pain me when i spend to much on computers wants to have some break.

Not mentioning that Fedor Holz is 6 years younger than me.

My sleeping patterns same are not most efficient. I have ebooks,amagazines about poker. I bought myself even for 9.99 poker winner tournament in Colchester from locksmigt but it got lost at Colchester night shelter and recovery of it is under consideration and maybe not best for me in case i want to come back there [i got banned for 6 months]

Having twithc on one laptop but does not work super quick also downloaded stack and tile jumirijuan [multitabling software]. I attached myself to pokerbros team but all in all they wrote me they do not want to members outside us even though i pay 3,79 pound for first chips .

I stacked now at activating code at pio solver which pushes to search more also frustrated and makes angry a bit but having calm tablets.

Here are some events :

Iwanted to write more but I am a bit tired, angry and suffering from some kind of confused thinking hopefully will overcome soon.

AS we all know that this and other games are not rather games of random events or luck especially when last weeks since i bought membership and upgraded for bigger amount of money for premium and upgraded computers with windows installed twitch to make mainstreams and finally upgraded sound systems [in amount between 100-200 pound only for sound system [last speakers which costs 100 pound for 180 watts mobilize, motivates ,gives confidence in powers but i want to really start to having results

Much love:<

Keep thigns together, please support, motivate.

Much love:<
Keep things together.

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:37 pm

There ,it start to annoys me from long time every day i watch poker coaching made by jonathan little, made homework ,assig myself for pokerbros club, download multitablig software, poker tracker ,piosolver, I cant fid your phoe umber , I train mathematics for every day ad as log as you kow we as human loves to compete ad be o1 i fields. 
It is really hard to get to you no phone number.I am 6 years older tha Fedor Holz 8 years older tha Dmitri Urbanovich and live 7-9years in uk with total sober brain at 100 perce so i should perform at least like dmitri reaching level of fedor but i am ot even i list. 
Excuses i that there is massive iflux of new players are excuses as i treat it more serious than others as I already purchased 2 months membership of poker coaching jonathan little [bigger screen and approximately 100-200 pound in audio system 180 watts to follow youtubes movies of poker as it should not be struggle but fun and I am ot even in list. 
I will search for your phone number but understand sometimes i need to go out or take shower as spending 6-12 hours of computers every day pushes to change a lifestyle sometimes. 
please help .

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:36 pm

Step forward following and patterning secondary sources of panka :


All-time high
190 (2014)

4 / 442

1 / 35

1 / 7

Sliding PLB

Lifetime total

Biggest Cash All Time

Number of cashes

Average cash

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