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Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:00 pm

I was at great route but my roommate stealed my great speakers distracted me and diminish my performance.

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby tt350z1 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 6:55 am

I think I'm beginning to spot a common thread from your posts, mostly regarding your lack of finances.

Your dreams' foundations are built on sand. And the dreams themselves are of something that wont bring you happiness, ultimately. And, to be honest, but you seem like the kind of person that would waste any money they have, throwing it after some kind of status.

On another post, you say your dreams are a big house and car(s) etc. Yet, currently it sounds like you're homeless. You're focusing on a monetary goal and trying to use a shortcut to achieve it, with your poker playing. It's a fools game.

You really are setting yourself up for so much failure. I know of a lot of people who gamble, all seeking that big win. The sheer amount of money they have lost chasing it. So ironic.

You're Polish. I have met so, so, soooo many Poles in factories in my former "career". One thing that struck me was, how miserable they were and how uninspired they were. So sad as very often I could see how much potential they had. They were defeated by the "fact" that they had to endure a limited existence. It went hand in hand with destructive behaviour. Particularly alcohol.

You say you don't drink. That's good. Also what is good is that you ARE looking for fulfillment, even if it is so misguided that it's bordering on being funny, if it weren't so sad.

Also, you share an extremely common Polish trait. The willingness and eagerness to get into fights. I have not met a Polish man who has not had "a brief career in mixed martial arts and underground street fights". It's just bullshit ego and sensitivity and a lack of insight of how to resolve an issue with another "alpha" male. Just like your desire to become rich quickly, the fighting too is a way to resolve adversity instantly.

The last Polish kid I met, tried the alpha male thing. "I am successful street fighter and respected in 16 villages". He obviously had a broken nose. I asked him about it. He confirmed he got it in a fight that he won. I said "What did you win that was worth a broken nose, you're obviously not good enough at fighting. Whatever it was, it hasn't stopped you ending up here with me in this factory"

That guy was easy to tie in knots. Any idiot like that is. Their confidence withers in front of my eyes and I don't throw a single punch. Their view of the world is skewed and shallow. Such a basic drive and desire, it's a waste of life.

Also, what you share in common with those people is a desire for bling. I have noticed the importance you attach to possessions. That guy above, he yearned for a slick, black, fast mercedes with blacked out windows. His words were "gangsta". He was driving an old Vauxhall Astra diesel that was obviously much faster than standard and about 500bhp up from the 90bhp it came with. It had a few Halfords parts on it and his fragile ego accounted for the other 395bhp increase. His mercedes was coming though, he just needed a few more street fights.

I happen to know he's still in that factory. With the same car.

he has a couple of house mates. They're all working. They all have wild parties every weekend and he showed me the damage they did to the flat they are renting, laughing about having to pay for it. It's so sad. They're flat broke and they are as trapped as you are by seeking this quick fix.

I dated an Indian girl when I was in my early 20s. Her parents were indigenous to India and came to England with nothing. Her father grafted at the BMW plant in Oxford and still works there. With that hard work, he invested in so many different things. He owns 5 houses. He's a landlord and has shares in quite a lot of companies, some of which are now worth a lot of money. Remember, he came to England with nothing and was subject to a lot of racism.

His English is good, too. Yours leaves a lot to be desired. Why not improve on that very basic requirement while you're in a host nation and you'll find that will improve things for you so much.

You mention how much richer a lot of Eastern Europeans are than you, by finding some success in these unorthodox "careers". I'm sure you're aware of how much corruption proliferates Eastern Europe? Racketeering and intimidation. The days of communism and the fear and poverty that brought and subsequently, when it ended, a vacuum of power and a free for all for the bravest and most powerful opportunistic people in society. It's still prevalent today.

You don't really say much about yourself but, the details you do give are quite.....revealing. You're a guy who threatened to kill his parents and had a 2 week stay in jail, that loves to fight and gamble, and that big speakers are necessary to gamble well.

I think, personally, your psychological state has been deeply effected by some experiences you've had. You haven't really replied to anyone on this thread, but have simply carried to elaborate on your master plan to become the next poker king.

I'm sure you're a good guy. I think you have some basic problems that need to be rectified before you'll ever see any form of success. You'll benefit so much from finding some stability and a decent basic standard of living. Steady work, a clean and safe place to live with people that don't steal your things. Take some English classes. Stay out of jail and avoid fighting.

Talk to us on here, too. Not about money, but about life.

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:18 am

hi guys even this failurte with speakers 180 pound, i plan to keep going, keep growing bigger and top up 389 pound [530 dollars] into first [biggest ]poker torunament which hopefully will qualify to list. It is mostly because of my age and to grow bigger ,get to wikipedia and be super successfull. I think it is wise to keep growin beside failure with speakers.

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby michaelbezos » Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:40 am

unfortunately 389 poundwas refused by bank probably no funds at account.

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so sad
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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby so sad » Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:30 am

Have you read the response from tt350z1?

He has spent a long time compiling that reply and he has said some very insightful and useful things but you seem to have ignored it.

For someone who doesn't have a permanent job, you seem to have money to waste on poker. Success isn't all about money, its about stability and safety - 2 things you are jeopardizing with your current way of thinking and living.

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Re: Become poker players/other professions+increasing washing

Postby c.j. » Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:41 pm

Depends how good you are.

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