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REfusing jobs

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REfusing jobs

Postby michaelbezos » Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:38 pm

Hi guys I am refusing job offers now as I have job meeting today i should be before 2 o clock iam refusing . On 2 o clock a have another job offer even written i should wear business clothes [which causes another move to go inside the building[shelter]and collect nicer shoes/trousers.

I am refusing this offers because of laziness/ be influence of Mark Zuckubergs refusal of billion dollars buyers due to my constant researches at many fields as i believe learning new languages, developing ideas a fron of the computers will be more beneficial than driving 30-60 minutes one way for the interview for having 2 days job which i already were doing and i now the procedure for minimal wage [which is not bad actually]

I will call the phone now and explain to the employers i cant work next two days as i have better offer for net week at the building site as the telescoipic driver. It is lie what can i do.

The factor why i refuse jobs:
1)Concentrating on the computer researches as it does not require commuting for 30-40 minutes [especially that my car is currently dirty] .
2)Be happy and enjoy life [i feel very happy at computer especially playing space engineer, kerbal space program or car mechanic simulator or doing other researches.

3)I hope computer can bring bigger profits that to minimal wage jobs or jobs like Trainee Sales Consultant.

4)The routine, organization which i got by living in the shelter and spending the days in the library or public support center [where you can have food, use computer, use the sawing machine etc] is so pleasant worth keeping for the while especially living and organization at the night shelter, safety, good computers and the steam with 3 games are so constructive and educative and cheap [as the shelter cost only 3 pound] to maintain them for the while instead of chasing with the car every job and commuting 3-60 minutes
i would write more but i will do the call to the employer now or vry soon.

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Re: REfusing jobs

Postby michaelbezos » Wed Dec 18, 2019 1:44 pm

Hi guys i am after the refusal of one job with swanstaff ,neglecting second job off er as the trainee sales consultant but all in all i have thursday appointment with the emaus job [accomodation + work and small pay] which is quite interesting as i already know where are job places. Financially the first two job offers would be more beneficial.

All i nall i feels now a bit like mark Zuckuberg refusing billion dollar or even 2 billion dolar offers for the purchase of facebook at early time and now he is wort 72 billion. Hopefully it will happen same to me what happen to mark .:)

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so sad
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Re: REfusing jobs

Postby so sad » Wed Dec 18, 2019 3:08 pm


What are you living on at the moment as money sounds tight for you?

its easier to get a job when you are in work so maybe take any of the jobs on offer and then keep looking for the job you really want?


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Re: REfusing jobs

Postby michaelbezos » Wed Dec 18, 2019 3:52 pm

My car battery got off as I left the emergency light du to parking at the loading area so now I am in the process of thinking of going to halford to buy charger portable as asking for leads is annoying I had two chargers in the past one was damaged by the flytipping and second due to my not occurring during 2 weeks at the property.

Fortunately I have mechanic card discount so I can buy charger cheaper or buy leads all in all and ask drivers for help with charging the battery.

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Re: REfusing jobs

Postby michaelbezos » Wed Dec 18, 2019 3:53 pm

I live from universal credit and last work as the driver but sooner or later I would have to go again work as I would have to buy the charger or jump leads as car is parked not in suitabl place.
but I am really lazy I stucked again at the fron of the computer in the library and I love it postponing 40-50 minutes journey to Halfords, or I will try to leave my bagpack with the bag in the shelter because it annoying walking all the time with big backpack and the bag(one or two).

The release of one big bagpack and one bag with and start walking without this would be good, peacfull idea.

This time which I would spend on work now I am spending no retype mathematical transformation if I finish them I would add more equation make the picture of them and publish on the internet. I will to take profits from them earlier than passing the level a advanced from them and physics but I would can do sth like one lady has the website with financial planning so I could do them as the learning materials/ idea worth trying as there are zero costs of it as I already rewrite them for myself to acquire them and use in everyday life .
My plans now are this:

1)The mathematical transformations which I retype I could try to keep and thinking of opening the website and sell them as the learning materials as they are advanced.
2) establish the website with financial planning sheets [cheap one]
3) Improve translation services
4)Make plans of any marketing of the above services as without the marketing they will not grow bigger like my other trading project ( 0 subrcibers) .

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